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5 Reasons Why Kudos Changed Our Minds About Disposable Diapers.

5 Reasons Why Kudos Changed Our Minds About Disposable Diapers.

Here at Pump Station, we're very picky about our disposable diapers. We recently had the chance to meet the Kudos diaper team. And we fell in love. Yup, with a disposable diaper. Here’s how our sit-down with the Kudos team changed (and blew) our minds:

  1. Kudos are the first and only disposable diapers lined with 100% cotton, while most others use plastic.

We had no idea that the majority of disposable diapers (even the natural ones) are made almost entirely with plastic processed to feel soft. Kudos diapers are lined with 100% soft, sustainable, breathable, cotton sourced from U.S. farms. It’s like your baby is wearing the underwear you’d choose to feel comfy and breezy. Much, much better.

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Mother's Day Eve '2024

Mother's Day Eve '2024

Wondering how to spend Mother's Day?

Join us on Mother's Day Eve for an evening with your mama friends and a ton of laughs!

 The Pump Station & Nurtury, The Crow, and @fit4momsantamonica

present "The Mother Load!" A celebratory night of standup with an all-parent lineup

of comedians sharing diverse povs on the insanity of parenthood.

Join us on Mother's Day eve for a unique event that you won’t have to clean after!

Where: Mom’s Night Out at The Crow, a female and mom-owned Comedy Club in Santa Monica at Bergamot Station Arts Center!

When: Saturday May 11th,

7-8pm Happy Hour with Sips & Sweets

8-9:30pm Comedy Show

Seating is Limited so Buy Your Ticket Now!

$30 Ticket Link - Ticket includes comedy show + 1 complimentary drink (beer or wine).

Catch comedy by:  Kira Soltanovich (The Tonight Show, Showtime), Kara Klenk (Comedy Central),Jared Logan (Conan) Plus More!

FREE PARKING at Bergamot Station Arts Center! Directions HERE.

Plus, Win Raffle Prizes Valued at over $4,800

  • Pair of all-inclusive roundtrip tickets in Economy class from Los Angeles to Tahiti** provided by Air Tahiti Nui
  • $1200 Gift Card for Spending in Tahiti provided by Doona and Boobie Bars
  • $300 Angel Dear Gift Card redeemable at The Pump Station
  • JetKids BedBox® + BackPack Travel BundleValue provided by Stokke– Value $279
  • $150 Gift Card from our friends at Love Weld
  • $150 Gift Card to Fit4Mom Santa Monica
  • One Month Free Classes Tutu School Santa Monica– Value $130
  • $100 Pump Station Gift Card

Make a night of it!

Visit Love Weld Pop-Up Shop On-site at Crow Comedy from 7:00-8:30pm

Looking to start early and grab dinner with your friends? Get 10% off fine dining next door at James Beard award winning, farm-to-table, chef-driven Birdie G’s! 

Reservations are highly suggested for times between 5pm and 6:15pm.  Redeem the discount by showing them your e-ticket to the show! 


**Air Tahiti Flight Information-

  • Tickets include one checked bag, carry-on luggage, meals, beverages, including alcoholic, and entertainment at the seat, per passeger
  • Tickets are subject to black out dates, plus cost of taxes and fuel, in addition to other conditions stipulated in the prize letter.
  • Flight is non-stop and takes about 7 and a half to 8 hours (Tahiti is much closer than what people think 🙂).
  • Value of flight depends on time of the year selected. 
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Benefits of Freeze Drying Breast Milk

Benefits of Freeze Drying Breast Milk
A question many moms ask themselves during the 4th trimester is “How can I continue breastfeeding for as long as I desire without causing too much extra stress in my life?” And asking ourselves the same, we explored ideas for storing your breast milk. Moms work overtime trying to stockpile a stash of breast milk for their babies and unfortunately, those frozen bags expire way too fast and freezers fill up way too quick. Continue reading

Spring Forward! Do you dread daylight savings?

Spring Forward!  Do you dread daylight savings?


Daylight Saving is not easy without children. When you put kids in the mix, it’s a whole new ballgame. As a parent, you are not only responsible for adjusting to this new time, but your little ones might need some assistance as well. Thankfully, springing forward does give us more daylight which I personally LOVE! Being able to stay outdoors longer is so good for the soul. It’s also a great way to get the extra energy out for your little ones.

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Celebrity Estate Planning: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Celebrity Estate Planning:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Prachi Mehta, JD

The lives of the rich and famous are often shrouded in mystery, but their legal woes can offer surprising insights for us mere mortals. When it comes to estate planning, even celebrities can stumble - though their mistakes come with much larger price tags. Let's take a peek at three celebrity estate planning stories, two cautionary tales and one shining example, to glean valuable lessons for our own legacies:

1. Prince: The Will-Less Wonder (The Ugly): In 2016, pop icon Prince tragically passed away without a will. This seemingly simple oversight plunged his vast estate into years of legal battles, leaving siblings and distant relatives squabbling over millions. The lesson? Having a will or trust is crucial. Intestacy laws may distribute your assets in ways you never intended, causing unnecessary turmoil for your loved ones.

2. Michael Jackson: The "Super Bowl Halftime Show" of Mistakes (The Bad): While Michael Jackson had a will, it lacked crucial updates. Created years before his death, it left everything to his children, with no provisions for his newborn son. This resulted in legal challenges and ultimately, a revised will distributing the estate more equitably. Remember, life changes deserve updates to your estate plan! Regularly review your documents and address any shifts in family, relationships, or assets.

3. David Bowie: The Masterful Maestro of Planning (The Good!): Unlike many of his fellow stars, David Bowie meticulously planned his estate. He established trusts, designated beneficiaries, and even stipulated how his music would be used after his passing. This proactive approach ensured his legacy and wishes were respected, offering a model for responsible estate planning.

Remember, regardless of your net worth, estate planning is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Learn from the missteps of celebrities and embrace the wisdom of Bowie's foresight. Take control of your legacy and ensure your wishes are clear, leaving your loved ones with cherished memories instead of legal tangles.

Be Like Bowie! Sign up for our Free Estate Planning Workshop!

Learn more about Prachi. 

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Tips for Traveling with Tots

Tips for Traveling with Tots
Holidays and vacations are right around the corner. Travel can be especially hard for babies and toddlers – changes in routine can affect their daily patterns, and sense of security and comfort.

In order to have a pleasant, enjoyable trip with babies and toddlers it is important to plan trips around their routines. Babies and toddlers are too young to be able to adapt to a different schedule, so when traveling, routines that have been established in the home shouldn’t go out the window. It is important for babies and toddlers to still have some sense of organization to their day. Continue reading

Ever Photos Tips & Tricks for Staying Sane During Your Holiday Photo Session!

Ever Photos Tips & Tricks for Staying Sane During Your Holiday Photo Session!

It’s that time of year again! There’s a nip in the air (kind of), the Halloween decorations are coming out (does anyone else’s front door stoop look like a pumpkin patch?) and those Holiday cards that your Auntie loves receiving so much need to be ordered soon. And that means getting the family all dolled up for the dreaded holiday family portrait session. But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be dreadful! Just follow Ever’s tips and tricks to making it the smoothest portrait session ever!

Step One: Let it go. Yes. Blast “Let it Go!!!” Or whatever your kids’ favorite song of the moment is – you know, the one you’ve listened to a million times. The one that makes your kiddos smile and gets your kids loose. Dance around. Loosen up and get ready to have some fun.

Step Two: Pour your favorite drink. Whether that’s a tasty beer, glass of wine, matcha or good old-fashioned soda pop. Take a minute. Take a few deep breaths and leave the rest of the day behind you.

Step Three: Let the kids be kids. The more you try and control them, the more they will rebel. If you have a good photographer they should be able to capture the in between moments, the laughter, the chaos beautifully - instead of trying to control it.

Step Four: If all of this sounds good you’re in luck! At Ever photos our two-person team will take care of everything. We’ll make sure your favorite music is bumping, your hair looks good, and while we entertain your kids you can relax your face and get some beautiful images you can treasure forEver.

Book a Portraits By the Sea session today with Ever Photos + The Pump Station

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Portraits By The Sea w/ Ever Photos!

Portraits By The Sea w/ Ever Photos!

We're collaborating with Ever Photos a portrait and lifestyle photography studio. Ever Photos has been featured in Mother Muse Magazine, Variety, The White Wren, and many more. Photography duo Amy + Rezeta combined forces and strengths to start Ever Photos, uniting their shared life experience on and off set. With Rezeta wielding the camera and Amy wrangling  kids on set they confidently capture the real moments between you and your loved ones, creating honest and enduring photos you can treasure forever. 

Ever Photos has worked with hundreds of families and thrives on creating a warm and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. With over 26 years of on set experience, the result of these two amazing women linking up is editorial photographs that you’d only see in a magazine. It’s a level of photography and imagery that you don’t typically see in family portrait photography. 

Check out their portfolio at

We are offering the following photo package:

Portraits by the Sea Package - $295 

  1. 20 minute personalized session 
  2. Access to online viewing gallery
  3. 3 edited high resolution digital photographs
After reviewing the gallery you will have 3 free downloads included in your package. Any additional photos can be purchased via Ever’s online store where you can purchase a la carte digital files at $25 per image OR you can purchase the entire gallery for $200. In addition you have access to their entire store which features prints, high art prints, holiday cards, framed photographs and so much more.


To Book Now:  Photo shoots will take place on Friday October 27th and Sunday November 5th. If slots fill up we'll work with Ever Photos to setup an additional day. To register online, click on date/location below that works best for you to see available appointment times, select a time and follow registration steps. Or, you can call the store at 310-998-1981 to book. Detailed information regarding where you will meet at both locations will be sent a 24-48 hours before your time slot. When selecting time please make sure you carefully choose time based on desired location. Please note that sessions are 20 mins long and there is a 5 min buffer built into the end of every time slot to accommodate transition time with families. 

Friday October 27th

Annenberg – 7 sessions available starting at 7:45AM, 8:10AM,  8:35AM, 9AM, 9:25AM, 9:50AM, 10:15AM

Lighthouse Bridge Beach, Marina Del Rey –  6 sessions available starting at 4:00PM, 4:25PM, 4:50PM, 5:15PM, 5:40PM, 6:05PM

Sunday November 5th

Annenberg – 7 sessions available starting at 7:45AM, 8:10AM,  8:35AM, 9AM, 9:25AM, 9:50AM, 10:15AM

Lighthouse Bridge Beach, Marina Del Rey –  6 sessions available starting at 3:00PM, 3:25PM, 3:50PM, 4:15PM, 4:40PM, 5:05PM


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Ten Reasons Why a Postpartum Doula Can Help You After Baby Arrives

Ten Reasons Why a Postpartum Doula Can Help You After Baby Arrives

Approximately 15% of births lead to postpartum depression. This can be attributed to the hormonal, physical, emotional, financial, and social changes after having or adopting a baby.  If not addressed early on, these changes can escalate. Parents who receive Postpartum Doula support are far less likely to suffer from mood disorders and are happier with their overall birth and postpartum experience.

A Postpartum Doula ensures that you have a judgment-free professional by your side. A dedicated person to help you emotionally and physically, as well as provide you with resourceful, actionable advice.

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Pump Up The Music - SONGS TO SING!

Pump Up The Music - SONGS TO SING!

For Children Ages 0-6 and their Loved Ones 

This songbook compiled by Adriana Manfredi and the schools and families she plays music with every week is constantly evolving. Feel free to adapt this songbook for your family and friends . This curated Song collection was started in 2012 by the families of Little Sunshine House and Bayshore Co-op, Long Beach CA.  

We’d love to offer special thanks to Kate Richards of Inspired Music Play and Urban Voices Project Family Sing, and Little Sunshine House.  

Catch a virtual class via Instagram live Saturdays at 8:30am @wearethe_musicmakers  and archived.  

Also Family Sing virtual class meet Mondays 9am-9:30, Register here. You will find demo’s of the songs in both of these spaces, We can’t wait to Sing with you!  

Adriana Manfredi, MFA / Inspired Music Play (2023) 

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