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Tips for Traveling With Your Baby

Tips for Traveling With Your Baby

By Becci Binquist Certified Sleep Consultant & Postpartum Doula

Are you debating whether you should travel with your baby? Are you worried that your child might have sleep issues on vacation? What can you do to make traveling less stressful with your child?  Just because you have a baby, doesn’t mean that you need to stay home forever. Follow these simple tips to help you plan that perfect vacation. Well, who am I kidding, nothing is going to be perfect when you have kids!


Having the idea that naps, bedtime, and schedules are going to be a little off is important for setting realistic expectations for traveling with a baby.  Naps and bedtime on the go are ok.  Longer or shorter awake windows are fine as well.  Being able to relax and actually enjoy your vacation, rather than being ruled by a schedule or what everyone is used to, can be the key to forming lasting positive memories. With this in mind, let’s dive into what you should bring on vacation.


Any time that you can emulate the sleep environment that you have at home, the better off your child will adjust to his new place.  A few things to remember are: providing a dark environment, bringing a sound machine, packing your favorite swaddle or sleep sack, and last but not least, a wrap or carrier.  

When you reach your destination, I encourage you or your partner to set up the sleeping space right away. Doing this first can ensure that when it is time for a nap or bedtime, the new sleeping space is ready! The items that you will need to set up are portable blackout curtains, a pack-n-play, Slumber Pod, and a sound machine.


An important element for great sleep is a dark room.  Bringing portable blackout blinds can help everyone sleep better away from home.  Another option would be to bring a pack-n-play with the Slumber Pod.  The Slumber Pod is an amazing product that provides a black-out environment for your child.  I love this product because it is safe and has pockets for the sound machine, fan, or monitor.  Feel free to use my code BABYSLEEPCAFE20 for $20 off. Slumber Pod 


Bringing the sound machine whenever your child will be sleeping, is a must. You can bring the one you have in the nursery, or they have smaller portable ones you can pack. Having the sound machine will bring familiarity to your child as well as drown out the unusual noises that might not typically be present.  


Since putting the swaddle or sleep sack on your baby, is part of the bedtime routine, it is important that this comes with you on vacation.  Bring an extra one in case you need it.  You never know if your child will pee through his clothes or get dirty.  


Having your hands free (especially when flying), can be very helpful. Putting your little one in a carrier allows you to carry other items that you might need as well. If you have a newborn, it prevents people from the temptation of touching your baby. Some people don’t understand boundaries!



When traveling, first determine whether your baby sleeps great in the car, or if they are not good at napping in the car.  If they are great at car naps, try your best to plan your driving around nap time.  However, if your child does not sleep in the car or is more irritable, you might want to leave first thing in the morning, or after a great nap at home.  

If you plan on flying, I always recommend doing so during nap time or bedtime if possible.  The busyness of getting to the airport can be exhausting, and hopefully, they will be able to sleep on the plane.   


Sometimes you might have to be flexible and your child might not have his own sleeping space like at home.  That is ok.  Do your best to provide the same room situation as at home.  This might include putting your child in the same room as you.  If this is the case, put your child to bed and then sneak in when you are ready to go to bed. I know this sounds a bit weird, but if the closet is big enough (obviously well-ventilated) put the pack-n-play in there to provide an even quieter space.


Stick to your bedtime routine as much as you can when traveling.  Although the bedtime might be a bit off, sticking with your basic bedtime routine can help signal that it is time for bed.  If you don’t have a bedtime routine, download my free Bedtime Routine today Bedtime Routine


Troubleshooting what to do when you change time zones can be quite tricky. There are a few factors involved: what is the time difference and how long will you be traveling? If you are only traveling for 1-2 weeks, which is usually just a few hours time zone difference, I would try not to adjust your child’s schedule too much. You can try keeping her up later for naps and bedtimes if the new time zone is a few hours ahead (or a few hours earlier if the time zone is behind). However, for the most part, I wouldn’t completely get on the new time just for a few weeks of travel. If you are going to be gone for more than 2 weeks, you might want to slowly adjust to the new time zone by about 30 minutes daily if your child can handle that. Otherwise, adjusting a bit slower might be easier on him. When you return home, you will adjust the same way as when you arrived at your destination. Just remember, as adults, it takes a while for us to acclimate and your child just can’t drink an espresso to get through the day.


If you take nothing from this blog, I encourage you to lower your expectations and enjoy this special time together.  Make memories and have fun!  If the schedule gets a little off on vacation because you have a late dinner or have an activity during nap time, that’s ok.  You can get back on track when you get home. Cherish this special time together as a family. 


If you need some more advice regarding traveling or if your child is having issues after coming home from vacation, don’t hesitate to book a call. Schedule a free 15-minute call today Schedule a call

Becci also teaches our Newborn Sleep Class which is offered monthly on Zoom. Check it out here!

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Our Clients Love Our Mommy & Me Groups, Here's Why:

Our Clients Love Our Mommy & Me Groups, Here's Why:

We all know that no two babies are alike and no two parents are alike. However, we also know that there is strength in numbers, and the support you get early on is so important to helping you build the confidence you need to be the best parent you can be. There are so many reasons why these groups can benefit you and your family, here is what our clients tell us:

  1. “I’ve built life-long friendships with others I’ve met in my group!” We’ve all heard the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, well our Parent & Me Classes are the perfect place to grow your village of support. 
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6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Parent & Me Group

6 Reasons Why You Should Join a Parent & Me Group

We all know that no two babies are alike and no two parents are alike. However, we also know that there is strength in numbers, and the support you get early on is so important to helping you build the confidence you need to be the best parent you can be.  There are so many reasons why these groups can

benefit you and your family, here is what our clients tell us:

  1. “I’ve built life-long friendships with others I’ve met in my group!” We’ve all heard the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, well our Parent & Me Classes are the perfect place to grow your village of support.
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5 Reasons to Make An Estate Plan

5 Reasons to Make An Estate Plan

If you read the words “Estate Plan” above and cringed (maybe even almost closed this page out), you are not alone.  We recognize estate planning is not all that much fun to think about.  But, the only thing worse than thinking about your estate plan, is not thinking about your estate plan.  Here is why: 

  1. Protect Your Kids.  What if you and your partner/spouse die tomorrow? No one wants to think about that; in fact, it is unthinkable. But the reality is, if you do not engage in estate planning, a judge (aka, someone who is not you), will decide who gets to raise your children, and how they will be raised.  Of course, it is possible a court will pick the same person or people you would have picked.  But, it is also possible a court will pick someone who would have been your last  You can avoid this, simply by Creating a Will. 
  2. Preserve Your Legacy.  You have worked hard to get where you are. You may have acquired precious stocks, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, homes, (for some of us, vacation homes), personal collections (artwork, handbags, jewelry), and, much more.  Engaging in estate planning allows you to protect your legacy and pass it down to your children and grandchildren, and preserve it for future generations.  On the one hand, it is easy to not care about what happens to your things after your gone.  But on the other hand, who wants their legacy lost through unwise squandering, or worse, in some pricey divorce? 
  3. Avoid Family Conflict.  If you don’t do estate planning, your estate will very likely have to go through probate court. If you don’t know what probate court is, then take my word for it — it is not a very pleasant process, if for no other reason than it is the perfect breeding ground for family conflict.  Probate is a court proceeding in which a judge will allocate ownership of your assets to various heirs.  And because you didn’t put in writing who you want to leave your assets and money to, your family will have no choice but to duke it out in court!  
  4. Plan for Life, Too!Contrary to popular opinion, estate planning is not just about planning for your death.  What if you are alive, but incapacitated (think car accident, stroke, heart attack, etc.), and cannot make your own medical decisions? You will need to name a healthcare proxy and outline your end of life wishes (i.e., pull the plug, or don't pull the plug), so that your loved ones can honor (without agonizing over) what you would have wanted. 

If all of this sounds daunting and scary, again, you are not alone.   But truly, the only thing scarier than not thinking about all of this, is not thinking about all of this. 

Sign-Up for our FREE Estate Planning Hot Topic Class Now!

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Pictures By the Sea!

Pictures By the Sea!
We're excited to announce that due to popular demand we'll be bringing back Pictures By the Sea! So, if you're looking for a special photo for Mother's Day or Father's Day there's nothing better than the gift of a beautiful family memory! Continue reading

Recommended Vaccinations for Relatives & Caregivers

Recommended Vaccinations for Relatives & Caregivers

Here is a list of vaccines we recommend you ask friends, relatives and care-givers to get prior to bringing baby home, if they will be spending time with them. If you have any questions at all we recommend you discuss with your health care provider.

Pertussis  - Whooping cough - is usually given with tetnus. Everyone needs this.

Flu - Depending on the season

Pneumonia - For ages 50 and up

Shingrix - For ages 50 and up - This is a two part vaccine given 2-6 months apart. They could at least get started. This vaccine often has a significant reaction with arm swelling and flu like symptoms—but it’s an important one.

Covid—at least get started. This in controversial these days so talk with the doctor

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We're confident your baby will sleep better after our newborn sleep class.

We're confident your baby will sleep better after our newborn sleep class.
As an expecting or new parent, it is often so easy and automatic to turn to the internet to get a quick answer to your questions.  “Is it normal for my newborn to wake up so often in the middle of the night?” “How long should my baby be sleeping during the day?” “Should I let my newborn cry?”  “Should I wake my baby up at night to feed him?”  What I love and loathe about the internet is that you CAN get a quick answer, but you can also get conflicting and confusing results in the same search.  When you take my class I will help take the guesswork out of your google searches.   Here are 5 reasons why you will learn from my Newborn Sleep Class and your baby will sleep better. Continue reading

Bedsharing & Breastfeeding

Bedsharing & Breastfeeding

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is proud to provide a patient handout with essential, evidence-based information about bedsharing safety written for the public from our popular Breastfeeding and Bedsharing Protocol. A free downloadable PDF is available here.  

Since bedsharing is very common and often unplanned, it is essential that all families have this information. Please share this tool with your colleagues and patients as a resource for bedsharing safety.

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The New Moms Secret Shame

The New Moms Secret Shame

The Disconnect Many Parents Feel with Their Babies Is Real;

There are a million things to prepare for before baby arrives. The list feels endless, and although our energy wavers up and down in anticipation of it all – it’s so exciting! However, one thing most likely NOT on your prep list is a back-up plan for YOU – a plan focused on who is going to support you once baby is here and you’re hit with a range of emotions that might include feeling unwanted, uneducated and overemotional. This is the underbelly of the new baby experience – and a situation many moms don’t like to talk about or admit. Some of us simply feel disconnected from our baby during the first couple months. It’s a shock and a let-down, especially when you feel like other parents around you are having the time of their lives! Many new parents don’t have family support nearby and often times feel alone and harbor resentment when their partner trots off for the day and they’re left home and confused with a fussy baby, exhaustion and too many unanswered questions about motherhood.
The good news is if you don’t have a village readily available – or you simply prefer the help and guidance of an in-home expert who ‘gets you’ and can provide life-changing tips and mental/physical support as you get into your Mama groove – The Newborn Nurtury has a team of experienced, trusted mom experts who can be there to lean on during the first weeks (or months!) as you ease into your new normal. There’s no shame in preparing to have extra hands on the scene, or admitting that this newborn thing just isn’t what you were expecting and not your favorite stage of motherhood. It’s okay. This is common. And we’ve been through it ourselves. We’re happy to share what we’ve learned so you don’t have to be robbed of your new mom experience and can instead help shepherd you into a beautiful place you’ll look back on with fondness and no regrets.

Below are 5 Reasons To Line-Up A Postpartum Doula before baby makes his/her way onto the scene – because one of the most important preparations we overlook is making sure us moms are properly set up for success once we’re home and learning the motherhood ropes.

1. Reality (sometimes) bites.
Sometimes, a rough truth is the new baby thing hits you like a Mack truck – and the best remedy often times is NOT your husband, mom, MIL or best friend who you love but thinks she’s an expert on everything. 😊 A postpartum doula knows how to strike the right balance of providing advice without getting in your way. She’ll adjust to you and your baby’s needs – knowing when to step up, and when to step back as you gain confidence and traction in your new world. Our doulas work an 8-12 hour day or overnight shifts with your family beginning the day you bring your baby home up through the first few months of life. Daytime support provides an excellent educational opportunity for hands-on demonstrations in calming or soothing a newborn. Having overnight support helps mom get that critical sleep most moms miss, during the time period when her prolactin levels are highest, thus giving her optimal benefit in producing breastmilk. Nighttime care also helps keep your family or daytime support team healthy and rested to better support you the next day. A trained newborn expert, your doula works with you to support your parenting choices and suggest solutions to make you a happier, more efficient parent. We can help establish patterns and routines to help your family track baby’s needs and create balance and rest for all. This is a priceless gift and a secret weapon for new moms!

2. Because babies should come with a personal instruction manual…but they don’t.

Based on AAP recommendations and your personal style, your doula will help you establish safe practices with the latest safety-approved standards and products. Doulas stay current on trending baby care topics and pass their knowledge and experience on to your family. Doulas work to customize support for your family, and create a routine that will build healthy practices leading to successful childhood development through nutrition, brain development, and healthy sleep routines.
3. Every new team needs a coach.

Both you and your baby are learning a new skill. Although breastfeeding is natural, it is a learned skill and good coaching can help to make this experience successful and gentle for you and your babe. Our postpartum doulas are experienced in lactation education and support. They can help you establish an effective deep latch – and they can refer you to the Pump Station’s lactation specialists should you need extra support. Your doula can also educate you on all aspects of breast pump usage and milk storage practices, as well as formula guidelines, sterilization, and bottle-feeding options. So often, new moms can’t get the hang of breastfeeding the first few days or week and they give up – keeping with them a lifetime of guilt and disappointment around one of the most natural parts of motherhood. Our doulas can lend their expertise to coach you down whichever path you choose to take when it comes to feeding your newborn.

4. It takes a village.

Historically, women of the families have always supported one another through the emotional dynamics of pregnancy and birth. Now, we sometimes live far away or don’t have the traditional family support to lean on. A doula comes into your growing family to share the transitional journey and helps to support you on an emotional, physical and educational level. She can connect you with resources to create your own customized village of professionals and experiences to help your little one’s development get off to a great start. From Mommy-and-Me support groups to specialized referrals, your doula is well-connected to an entire village of baby specialists and can help you anticipate future needs.

5. Extra hands = Extra love for baby and the whole family!

Every family needs a spare hand with a new baby in the house! Through their professional experience, a doula can help you understand and respond to your baby’s cues and individual needs which is so helpful as every baby is unique. Doulas assess the family’s needs and will jump in to help with whatever the top priorities are for the moment (which may range from baby care, baby laundry, nursery organization, meal preparation to light household tasks) or just be an empathetic ear to share your story. Extra hands afford you a boost in confidence, energy levels and an overall smoother transition as baby integrates into your everyday everything.

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15 Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Who Travel

15 Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Who Travel

15 Secret Travel Tips We Don't Want New Moms to Miss! 

Since the Holidays and travel often go hand in hand, we thought this would be the perfect time to share a few invaluable ideas we've collected from both mothers and our Breastfeeding Specialists to help make any trip a little easier! 

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