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Yelp & Parent Reviews

See why new parents say The Pump Station "literally saved their lives"!


Yelp 5 Star Review:

"Wanted to give praise to The Pump Station for a recent last minute gift purchase I made on their website. First of all, I was able to quickly and easily choose a beautiful gift from their curated selection of best-in-class products. Even better, I price compared and found the Pump Station's prices to be LOWER than both Target and Amazon on the items I selected! At checkout, I left a note that this was a shower gift and had to arrive 4 business days later. Within the hour, I got a call from Steve to go over my options. Rather than charge me for expedited shipping, Steve drove around at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon until he found a UPS truck and handed my package to the driver to ensure it would get out on time. I heard from the hostess that my gift arrived a day ahead of the party and was beautifully packaged in a bag and tissue paper (no charge). Sure beats Amazon bubble wrap! Thank you Pump Station for making me look like a super star! Truly exceptional service!" Kathy B. 9/16/20

Mommy & Me

The Pump Station was my lifeline when I had my first baby! Mommy and Me
was one of the most rewarding things that I did with my baby during her first year, especially as a first time mom. Every week, we came together to bond with other mommies and babies going through the same types of things that we were experiencing. We loved the nurturing and encouragement we got from the class leader, Jill Campbell, whose guided discussion topics were always mindful, timely and relevant to our babies development. - Liza B. (Marina del Rey, CA)

I love the Mommy and Me Classes - I'm about to start my 3rd, 8 week session and I find it really helpful, especially as a first time mom. Our teacher covers everything from screen time, to 1st foods, to "relationship around baby" discussions. This week, we learned about using praise appropriately. The best part about these classes though, are the friends you make. We have so much fun together! - Jeni H. (Calabasas, CA)

This group (Mommy and Me) was one of the best things I ever did - I will never forget my first class. I came home and was so happy- not only had I gotten out of the house, I found others that were in the exact same place as me, No longer was I at this alone - I now had a group to lean on and learn from. This was a group where it was safe to cry, to be happy, to be mad or just zone out from complete exhaustion. I'm still friends with a lot of girls from this group 3 years later and we still all get together. I just had my second baby and I can't wait to start the mommy and me program for second time moms. - Liz P. (Santa Monica, CA)

Our Stores

This place is an absolute miracle and every family  that is breast-feeding or simply has a baby should come by for a lactation consultation or classes or swag! David B. Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

The pump station was my one stop shop for everything pre and post birth of my second child. They helped me get equipped with all my baby essentials. The pump station also helped me find the best doulas to assist me in the day and night with my son. They answered all my questions and were so friendly! I feel blessed and so does my son, to have had the pump stations support. They were exceptional! Reisha D. Malibu, CA

This is a candy store for moms.... they have everything you need for moms and babies. Can't wait to go back! Staff was very helpful.. looking forward to taking one of their classes. - Chelsea D. Los Angeles, CA

This is an indispensable resource for all moms & dads.  I've taken their breastfeeding class, their baby care class and did the 2nd time Mommy & me class here and thought all of them were wonderful.  They have a great baby wearing session where you can learn the basics on all the different types (if you don't know where to start or have some already and need help/reassurance on wearing it properly). Most of all, they recently helped with advice on getting my 4 month old to finally take a bottle!   (He refused for 6 full 9 hour days at daycare!).  Santa monica is so lucky to have their knowledge and support! - Tofulicious Y. Los Angeles, CA

Really great place that offers great services. I went to a few of their nursing / breastfeeding support groups and it was fantastic! The person that led the groups was really knowledgeable and I learned A LOT about things the doctors and nurses never told me. A really safe space to express concerns, frustrations, or just feel like you arent alone in the first few months of having a baby. Its a lot! Really great idea to go, they also have a lot of cute items in store and perfect place to get some baby gifts for a baby shower. - B B. Los Angeles, CA

Best place ever. An impeccable staff. Their new DOULA service is a MUST for new moms. LOVE. - Jahkova L. (Los Angeles, CA)

I cannot say enough good things about the Pump Station. I frequent both Santa Monica and the Hollywood location for Mommy and Me group, and baby classes. I think I've taken just about every class they offer now, and my baby is only 7 months old! - Jeni H. (Calabasas, CA)

The staff here is amazing and so caring and helpful.  We are in the Play Creations class and there is such great accommodation for all of our needs.  Jasmine an Lena are phenomenal.  My son Strider absolutely loves going to class.  It's well structured and you can see the care and love that is poured into every activity.   I highly recommend this to anyone that's wants to immerse their child into a loving, nurturing, and learning environment. - Brian K. (Los Angeles, CA)

Ok so every new mom/expecting mom should know about this place--literally it is the most supportive place that could exist for us in LA. - Daina S. (Los Angeles, CA)

Our Classes

My husband and I took Barbara's breastfeeding class this past Saturday and found it to be super informative and fun! Of all the classes we've taken, this one and a child birthing class we took at Birth and Beyond were so incredibly helpful. I just saw my OB today and she commented on how calm I am being 3 weeks away from my due date, and I honestly owe it to being so well informed. I never considered not breastfeeding, until I started to hear how difficult & painful it could be from friends over the past nine months. Something that I thought was a natural no-brainer, became something that I grew increasingly worried about. Barbara did such a great job explaining the ins and outs of breastfeeding and I feel like I totally got this & if for some reason I need help once baby arrives, I know who to call and when to call.  I can't recommend this class enough!!! - Chelsea D.(Los Angeles, CA)

I love this place. As a new mom having a resource like the pump station has been paramount to my success. The classes offered are interesting and informative. I brought my husband to the breastfeeding classHe walked in expecting a bunch of hormonal pregnant ladies talking about their boobs and walked out a breastfeeding convert. Having him attend this class has helped me immensely in my breastfeeding challenges/adventures. - Christine M. (Los Angeles, CA)

I started attending the Breastfeeding Support Group at the Hollywood location... It was a safe place to go to as a new mom out with my tiny baby and I could not believe how much the group offered: a wealth of information/resources, the confidence to trust our instincts and our babies, and perhaps the most valuable piece - the gift of each other. A year later I am still in touch with close to a dozen women from the group, some on a daily basis! - Anna Z. (Los Angeles, CA)

Last night I took a class called Connecting with your unborn baby and relaxation hosted by the amazing Diane Goldner. It was such an incredible experience and the meditation totally relaxed me and put all my anxieties about being a new mom to rest. I truly felt more connected to the beautiful spirit inside my womb afterwards and uplifted and empowered. I hope to take another of Diane's class soon!!! Was magical!!!! - Janice B. (Santa Monica, CA)

My husband and I took the Baby Care 101 Class and the Breastfeeding ClassBoth were very informative and non-judgmental. The teachers were excellent and helpful. As a first time mom it was really helpful to take these classes and get as prepared as possible. I feel much more at ease and prepared for the baby! - Lynn T. (Los Angeles, CA)

My wife and I took their Intro to Breastfeeding and Baby Care 101 classes. They are so well worth your money. We felt like we had all the answers to the test when our daughter arrived. We had zero problems in getting her to breastfeed from day 1 and we owe it all to the Pump Station! - Andrew S. (Marina del Rey, CA)

All The Above

I adore the Pump Station. It is such a fabulous resource for moms!

Classes -When I was pregnant we took 2 classes there - Breastfeeding 101 and Baby Care 101 and both were great. They were led by Corky Harvey, one of the owners, and she is so warm, knowledgeable and delightful. Lactation Consultants -Now with a newborn at home, the Pump Station has been an INVALUABLE resource. I have had several sessions with Barbara, one of the lactation consultants, and she has been a dream. She is patient, warm, super knowledgable and an incredible resource in those early days when you are trying to figure out how to latch, build and maintain your milk supply, how much to feed, is your newborn getting enough. She really put me at ease being a first time mom. Store/Staff - Everytime I walk into the store, the staff is so warm, helpful and pleasant. I love that it's a curated assortment of baby supplies which they have tried and tested. I would not hesitate to support local business and shop here for all of my needs from nursing accessories to baby gear. This place is worth every penny - run, don't walk, to the Pump Station! - Amanda T. (Los Angeles, CA)

This is a Paradise for Dads.  Like most men I hate shopping and taking classes. That being said sometimes it has to be done.   When my daughter was on her way, my wife and I were lucky enough to know about the Pump Station and took full advantage of their excellent classes which helped prepare us for what was about to come.  It's nice to have some great tools and at least a little knowledge when going into a situation you have no clue about.  Many a nights I was grateful for what I had learned and was able to put into practice.  The teachers were friendly, positive and full of knowledge.  As far as shopping goes this place is great because I can always find a parking spot. The sales people are warm, friendly, and quickly help me find what I need whether a gift or one of those necessary items.   This means my shopping experience is quick and easy the way I like it. Ron E. Los Angeles, CA

Doula Services

I can not say enough amazing things about the Pump Station, but even more so about Donna and her amazing team of doulas. They were there for us when we needed the support most and my family would not be where we are today without them. Roxana, Cassie, Melissa and Donna were like our angels, teaching my husband and me everything about being first time parents. All of the overwhelming aspects of those first few months, such as breastfeeding, feeding schedule, baby's sleeping patterns, developmental moments to be aware of, pumping schedules, etc. were all addressed by this amazing team of doulas. 

Not only did they give us relief at night, but they gave us the tools necessary to allow us as parents and our baby to thrive. It was so comforting to get a knock at the door at 8pm or 9pm and see our amazing doula there, ready to support, assist and help us with any questions or concerns. 

Roxana also supported our family during the day, and we lovingly refer to her as our "Saint Roxana". Our baby loved her so much and she really helped us get the hang of being a parent to an infant. When I think back on those first few months of motherhood, I smile from ear to ear, not only because of my sweet baby, but because of the support and care we from Donna, Cassie, Roxana and Melissa. - Melissa A. (Central LA, Los Angeles, CA)

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. I used Donna, one of the post partum Doulas. She will transform your newborn experience and she changed the life of our family. Donna took an hour of her time to get back to me immediately and just help me out over the phone because she CARES. She taught my husband and I so much, and made our sweet little girl so happy. She trained our nanny, who loves her as well. Donna is amazing, and my only regret is that I did not ask for her help sooner! - Hannah C. (Salem, NH)

We can't say enough great things about the Pump Station store and doula services. Donna, AJ, Maureen and Barbara could not have been more supportive, encouraging and helpful as we transitioned to new parenthood. They were always available with a warm, caring smile and provided an amazing service to help our new family of three adjust when we came home from the hospital. Any question we had, they had all the answers as well as many great suggestions on techniques, products and more. We felt so comfortable having them in our home and with our baby in their care. Can't imagine having done this without them and would recommend them to any new mom and dad in a heartbeat! - Jillian L. (Santa Monica, CA)

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