Sleep Consultations & Services

The Pump Station & Nurtury® is now offering private sleep consultations for parents looking for support and guidance in establishing good sleep habits for their children. We know that good sleep is not only essential to your baby's growth and development, but the whole family's well being. Dr. Jill Campbell, our staff psychologist, and her team of sleep coaches will conduct a comprehensive sleep assessment and customize a sleep plan designed especially for your needs. Our team is committed to working closely with your family to implement the agreed upon plan. These consultations can take place in our offices or via telephone.

You may also choose to engage our nighttime in-home support services to provide gentle, hands-on sleep coaching. Many of our clients have felt it to be very beneficial to have an experienced doula work through the process to help their little ones learn the internal skills to self-soothe and become a better sleeper.

For more Information or to Schedule an Appointment
Call: The Pump Station in Santa Monica: (310) 998-1981

For sleep consultation information email: community@pumpstation.com

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