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Breastfeeding Help

Breastfeeding Articles:

When to Seek Professional Breastfeeding/Lactation Help

Deep Latch Technique

Plugged Milk Ducts & Mastitis

Offering a Breastfed Baby a Bottle

Why is Breastfeeding Important?

Tips to Relieve Engorgement

Overactive Let-Down

Is Baby Eating Enough?

Low Milk Supply

Bedsharing & Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mama

Biting and Teething


Raynaud's Phenomenon (Vasospasm of the Nipple)

The Day Someone Threw Me a Rope

Shouting "Fire" in a Room of Scientists: Breastfeeding and Sensationalism

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Breast Pumps & Breastmilk Collection

Breast Pumping Basics

Breast Pump Rentals

Breast Pump Rental FAQ

Breastmilk Collection & Storage

Donate to Mother's Milk Bank


Lactation Consultations & Breastfeeding Support

Lactation Consultations

Book a Video Consultation Now!

Free Breastfeeding Support Groups

New Study Proves Importance of IBCLC Care

Notice of Privacy Practices of the Lactation Consultant

Definitions of Breastfeeding Acronyms & Abbreviations


How to Increase Milk Supply

Common Questions about Breastfeeding

How to Breastfeed: Deep Latch Technique

Hand/Manual Expression

How to Use a Breast Pump

How to Breastfeed in Public

How to Pump at Work and in Public

Links to Further Resources

Infant Risk Center - A world-wide call center presently in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, in Amarillo. The InfantRisk Center is used by physicians, nurses, lactation consultants, and mothers in every part of the world. Virtually all calls are about multiple drugs, averaging 3-4 individual drugs. We do our best to help moms, lactation consultants, and doctors evaluate the risk to the infant from exposure to multiple drugs and keep the mom breastfeeding.

Standford Medical: Hand Expression Video

Mommy Meds APP - Don’t compromise your or your baby’s health. Get peace of mind by knowing which medications, vaccines, and supplements are safe for you to take without harming your baby...and which ones aren't!

Consumer Product Safety Commission Blog  Product recalls & Safety information

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