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Phone & Video Lactation Consultations

Virtual Lactation Support!

Producing breast milk is natural, the art of latching a baby to the breast is learned. Sometimes what is supposed to come easily doesn't, and sometimes a breastfeeding problem occurs after discharge from the hospital.  Whether you are having breastfeeding issues & concerns or you just want extra help so you can get off to a great start!  We encourage you to book a private Video or Phone Lactation Consultation.

Our Team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's) offer one-on-one consultations with support for all of your breastfeeding concerns including:

  • latch-on difficulties
  • inadequate infant weight gain
  • milk-supply concerns
  • sore and inverted nipples
  • severe engorgement
  • breast pump selection & use
  • breastfeeding & returning to work
  • breastfeeding & sleep
  • nipple confusion and so much more!

Our experienced team also has extensive experience working with families of multiples, premature, NICU, adopted or special need babies and mothers at-high-risk for lactation problems.

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    Meet our Lactation Team!

    The majority of our consultants are also Registered Nurses. They are board certified, professional, health care workers who are trained to help mothers manage lactation and reach their breastfeeding goals. Our Senior Consultants have worked in hospitals, doctors offices, with The Pump Station and in private practice within the community for over 30 years each.

    When To Seek Help? 

    A good time to talk to a lactation consultant is right before or a few days after giving birth. Being prepared for what to expect and having the tools in place ahead of time can go a long way in preventing issues like sore nippes, and promoting healthy milk production and proper latch. However, even with the best efforts, many times issues still arise.

    You may need help if:

    • You are concerned about low milk supply
    • You feel your baby is not getting enough milk
    • Your baby cries all the time
    • Your baby sleeps all the time
    • You have sore, cracked nipples
    • You dread nursing because your nipples hurt the entire time
    • The filling of your breasts (engorgement) does not occur by the 5th day after birth
    • You are severely engorged
    • Your baby does not latch onto your breast
    • Your baby does not have 3 or more yellow, runny stools by day six
    • Your baby has not regained birth weight at 2 weeks
    • You have any other breastfeeding concerns

    While you may have read plenty of breastfeeding brochures, books, online articles, watched hours of you tube, snapchat or Instagram videos, participated in Facebook groups, or other online crowd sourcing discussions and looked at countless of illustrations displaying techniques and positions...we can not overstate enough: the BENEFIT OF PERSONAL HELP IS INVALUABLE

    The Pump Station & Nurtury® has decades of experience providing new families with outstanding educational, breastfeeding and baby care support, including products and classes which can make all the difference to you and your baby. Research shows that mothers who receive support when breastfeeding difficulties arise are more likely to continue nursing, meaning both you and your baby are more likely able to not only accomplish your breastfeeding goals but do so in a way that allows you to enjoy this special bonding experience along the way!

    While each Mother's (and Baby's) needs vary, our Lactation Consultants have curated a list of recommended products to ensure you and your baby have the best breastfeeding journey possible!


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