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      Blog Posts

      • October 26, 2020 How do I help my baby adjust to Daylight Savings?
        How do I help my baby adjust to Daylight Savings? Every year around this time, we prepare to move our clocks back one hour. And every year, it is inevitable that a momma in my parenting class will raise her hand and say, “Daylight savings time is ending soon. Any tips on how to help my baby adjust to the new time?” Then I hear a collective sigh from the other moms in class who are now picturing their little ones waking up an hour earlier than they are used to! Before baby, this was a day to look forward to because it meant you got an extra hour of sleep on a Sunday - who doesn’t want or need that?
      • October 24, 2020 Win Some iCandy This Halloween!
        Win Some iCandy This Halloween! We know a lot of things have been cancelled this year but cute babies and kids in Spooktacular Halloween costumes shouldn’t be one of them! So, with our friends at iCandy, Macaroni Kid Santa Monica and Normand Associates we're bringing our families an opportunity to get dressed up, show off your little cuties and 5 LUCKY WINNERS could win great prizes including:
      • October 19, 2020 Common Baby Sleep Issues
        Common Baby Sleep Issues

        We are all familiar with the term, “Sleeping like a baby.”  In fact, when you read the sentence now, what image comes to mind?  Most likely it is one of a serene looking baby, contently asleep in her crib.  All is peaceful, all is calm.

        Now compare that to an overtired four-month-old baby who is waking constantly throughout the night, or worse yet, a screaming 10-month-old who refuses to even lie down in her crib.  Hey-welcome to parenthood! 

        Why do so many babies have sleep problems?

      • October 06, 2020 Why Won't My Baby Sleep?
        Why Won't My Baby Sleep?

        Why does Daniela’s baby sleep longer than mine?

        There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t get questions from new moms and dads about how their babies sleep. It’s such an important subject and often talk of it can leave all of us without it.  Why is that?  Well, because we know that good sleep is not only essential to your baby’s growth and development, but the whole family’s well being.

        Sleep is so important because it can:

        1. Improve memory, learning, and concentration – helps with “Mommy Brain”