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Hot Topics Parenting Workshops

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As a parent, you need to become an expert on everything from diaper rash and mindfulness to brain development and sleep. With over 33 years of experience educating and supporting expecting and new parents we’ve learned how important it is to have guidance from credentialed experts and the support of community. We also know which topics parents have the most questions about.

So, with our Curriculum Director Dr. Jill Campbell, we've created a robust curriculum of Hot Topics Parenting Workshops. You can join any of these workshops and receive guidance on the issues that are most important to you. We've provided information regarding recommended age of baby when taking the class, but we also recognize that some topics are helpful at any age/stage of babies development.

In these workshops our credentialed experts will present evidence-based information regarding the specific topic followed by Q&A. 

Choose from:

  • Mindful Parenting (any age)
  • Language Development (0-12 mos)
  • Sleep: Getting Your Newborn Off To a Good Start (before baby - 3 mos)
  • Sleep: Your Growing Baby (4mos+)
  • Toddler Sleep (18-36 mos)
  • Attachment Theory: The Process of Bonding (0-3mos)
  • Teething (3-6mos)
  • Renegotiating Your Relationship with Your Partner (any age)
  • Developmental Play  (2-6mos)
  • Real Food Baby (5-8mos)
  • Feeding Your Toddler: No Picky Eaters Please (13-36mos)
  • Infant Massage (1-6mos)
  • New Grandparents (any age)
  • Breastfeeding & Returning to Work (any age)
  • Stranger Awareness & Separation Anxiety (5-9mos)
  • How to Foster Cooperation & Listening in Your Toddler (18-36mos)
  • Screen Time - How is  Technology Affecting Our Children (0-2yrs)
  • Potty Talk: Steps to Toilet Training (18-36mos)
  • Conscious Parenting: How to Foster Self Esteem (any age)
  • Coping with Preschool Panic (6-18mos)
  • The Myth of The Perfect Mom (any age)
  • Tummy Time Workshop (0-8months)