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Our Favorite Baby Care Basics

While there isn't anything in our store that we don't vett based on feedback from our instructors, clients & team, there is definitely a shorter list of products and classes we love most of all and recommend first. You will find these listed below. 

But, as we know, every baby and every parent is different, so we encourage you to check out everything we offer as the right product for you is the product that works best for your family, lifestyle and budget.

In our Prenatal Classes we teach that there are 5 Things Baby Needs to Thrive: 

  1. They need Food in the form of breastmilk or formula
  2. They need to be Kept Clean so their skin doesn’t break down
  3. They need a Safe and Healthy environment
  4. They need Sleep—not as much as you hope
  5. They need Love & Human Touch which ensures bonding and Attachment

Our list below is organized to reflect this.