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Talking Car Seat Safety with our Car Seat Guy

Talking Car Seat Safety with our Car Seat Guy
In an effort to ensure our parents are providing the safest ride possible for their little ones, we’ve hired veteran LA Car Seat Technician, Adam Lari, as the newest member of The Pump Station family!

1. What is the safest car seat?
A: All car seats are safe and must meet minimum requirements to be sold in the US. The safest car seat is the one you can install and use correctly every time you put your child in vehicle.

2. Why do so many people install car seats incorrectly?
A: Most parents don't read or get confused by the instructions manual. Because all vehicle seats are different not even the manual can account for the wide variety of possibilities you could encounter while installing.

3. Where is the safest place to install the car seat?
A: All vehicle seats are safe. But if the car seat can fit in the middle it's furthest away from all possible impact points. If you must put carseat on a side seat the passenger side is the preferred side because it's curb side when you take child out.

4. Is seat belt or LATCH safer?
A: Both methods are tested equally and are just as safe. LATCH was created to make installation easier for parents. But LATCH has a weight limit, seat belt can hold any weight child. Most LATCH positions are on side seats.

5. How do I know the straps are tight enough for my baby?
Carseat straps must be snug on baby. After tightening you want to use 2 fingers to pinch the strap on top of child's shoulder. If you can pinch any slack the straps are still too loose. If you can still fit a finger between straps and child's shoulder you know it's not too tight on them.

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