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Vivaio Days Multi-Purpose Products: Made for Babies, Stolen by adults.

Vivaio Days Multi-Purpose Products: Made for Babies, Stolen by adults.

VIVAIO (vee-vi-oh)
or ‘nursery’ in Italian has two meanings; it’s a place where young plants grow and a place where little kids learn as they grow.


VIVAIODAYS is inspired by the natural remedies used over centuries by different groups, tribes and cultures in different parts of the world. In our European labs, organic science complements and enhances these traditional remedies.


Our products are COSMOS-ORGANIC Certified, which means they’re completely free of harmful chemicals, toxic fertilizers and GMOs. Going organic is certainly a positive step; it’s not nearly enough when it comes to delicate skin. Organic does not in itself assure quality or safety; that’s why we go further.

Just as diamonds are graded by carat, color & clarity, organic ingredients are subject to the same variations in quality. When it comes to texture, fragrance and potency, we look very critically on lower-grade organics. We insist on organic ingredients of the highest possible grade. This is a significant but important investment, and it’s reflected in the quality of our products.

No matter how pure or high-grade, some organic ingredients can contain allergens that are unsafe for use on delicate skin. For this reason, we avoid high-level essential oils with allergenic potential.

We also avoid alcohol completely due to its drying properties, and we don’t use soap as it destabilizes delicate skin pH. All our products are dermatologist-tested and approved for use on sensitive skin.


We do our best to avoid preservatives completely. Where preservatives are absolutely necessary, we use minimal amounts of mild, food-grade preservatives to maintain the integrity of our formulas and keep your product fresh for up to two years.


Your skin comes first. So just as we say No to Synthetic Fragrances, we avoid high levels of essential oils in our formulas.

Products like our Olive Oil Balm Gel and our Rose Geranium Cleansing Water are completely Fragrance-Free. Our more luxuriant ‘feel good’ products are lightly scented with minimal traces of 100% natural fragrance. These are blends of low level essential oils, vegetable oils, compounds and other natural isolates obtained by methods like CO2 extraction, fermentation, distillation or cold pressing. They are extracted from plants or fruits like anise, coconut, ginger, clove, vanilla, banana, basil, rose, mint, nutmeg, blackcurrant and cardamom.
All our Fragrances are analyzed and free from the 26 allergenic fragrance ingredients (ALLERGENS FREE) found by the Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products (SCCP) to most frequently cause skin allergic reactions.
All our natural Fragrances are COSMOS-ORGANIC Certified.


The motivation behind VIVAIODAYS goes beyond the therapeutic benefits of our products. It’s about being part of vital change in our industry and standing firm behind our values for the long haul. In our brand values, respecting the earth and caring about humanity does matter.

We’re committed to using responsible and sustainable packaging for our products. Our products are packaged in baby-safe, bio plastic made from recyclable sugarcane pulp, to greatly reduce our CO2 footprint.

Our brand philosophy is led by a belief in equality of opportunity for all people. We founded VIVAIODAYS with a commitment to dedicate a portion of all sales towards funding programs for childhood education in impoverished communities across the world. Education is the key to a better life, and children are our future.

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