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Shoo Mosquito Net

$79.00 $59.25

Shoo Mosquito Net

You’re not the only one who thinks your baby’s cheeks look good enough to nibble…so do mean, little mosquitoes! Shoo is the best, safest, most natural mosquito protection for babies (and it also protects babies from spiders, flies…even cats!).

Our warming world is seeing a surge of mosquitoes. While many childhood illnesses have been reduced over the past 50 years, serious insect-borne illness has tripled. And, babies are extra vulnerable to mosquito bites.

Shoo's fine net lets in the breeze, but shuts out pests…no chemicals needed!

Shoo Mosquito Net Features

  • Protects babies against mosquitoes, flies, spiders (even cats)…without chemicals
  • Easy “1-second” open and close
  • Elegant, graceful design
  • Light, breathable netting
  • Full visibility of baby
  • Securely attaches to Snoo Smart Sleeper
  • From Dr. Harvey Karp, creator of Happiest Baby & Snoo Smart Sleeper