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Medela Starter SNS with 80ml Collection Container (Sterile)

$21.95 $18.75
Medela Starter Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) is a disposable feeding tube device for giving babies short-term (24-hour) supplemental feedings at the breast. The Starter SNS is a short-term economical alternative to the standard SNS lactation aid, found here: Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) - Sterile
Features & Benefits:
  • Supplemental feeding assistance for mothers and babies facing special short-term challenges
  • Can be used to induce lactation
  • Keeping special-needs babies at the breast for proper stimulation
  • Sterile in factory sealed package
Starter SNS #0097003S Includes:
  • Teat-tubing assembly - 1 each
  • Quick-Clip to attach to mother's clothing - 1 each
  • Graduated 80ml container (fits any Medela breastpump) - 1 each
  • Pre-cut adhesive tape - 1 each
  • Elastic ring - 1 each
  • Tubing clamp - 1 each
  • White membrane - 1 each
  • Disc - 1 each
  • English/French/Spanish instructions

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