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BioGaia Elactia MUM Breastfeeding Probiotic 30 Caps


BioGaia Elactia MUM is a probiotic for breastfeeding moms, clinically shown to ease lactational breast discomfort and promote breast health during lactation.* Can be taken daily to promote healthy lactation & breastfeeding or when breast discomfort occurs.* Breastfeed happy with Elactia!

Why choose this product?

Elactia has been clinically shown to ease breast discomfort associated with lactation, making breastfeeding more comfortable for mom*

Naturally found in breastmilk, Elactia’s L. fermentum restores & maintains a healthy balance of protective breast bacteria important for mom and baby*

Elactia is the most clinically studied probiotic for breastfeeding discomfort and breast health during lactation*