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It's my leche

your breast milk transformed from liquid to powder

Greater nutrient preservation, flexibility and convenience.

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Extended Shelf Life – This allows breast milk to be stored for an extended period...up to 3 years! 

Preserves Key Nutrients - Freeze drying retains the bioactive properties of human breast milk 

Versatile Use - Freeze dried breast milk can be added to first foods, smoothies and snacks 

Space Saving - Shelf-stable breast milk occupies less space compared to fresh or frozen milk 

Travel Friendly - Freeze drying breast milk allows you the ultimate flexibility for travel, caregivers and more! 

Convenience - Freeze dried breast milk can be stored at room temperature and easily reconstituted

It's My Leche is a mom-founded company that’s modernizing breast milk by turning your liquid gold into a shelf-stable powder. Through our innovative freeze-drying technology, our process preserves all the nutrients that make your breast milk unique while offering you the ultimate flexibility in feeding.

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