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Evivo® Infant Probiotic Powder Monthly Supply


Evivo® Infant Probiotic Powder - 1 Month Supply

Evivo is a daily powder intended for babies fed any amount of breast milk to help establish a protective gut microbiome and support healthy immune function. Each box comes with a 4-week supply (28 sachets/box).

Evivo may be kept on the counter or pantry for up to 28 days.  If you are not planning on using it right away or it cannot be used within 28 days, please keep in freezer to maintain Evivo's potency and effectiveness.


Why your Baby Needs This PROBIOTIC

  • EVIVO helps colonize good bacteria in baby’s gut, including B. Infantis, which other probiotics do not include.
  • Because of the common practice of C-section and the widespread use of antibiotics, including antibiotics in our food supply, the good bacteria in our newborn’s gut is almost non-existent.
  • B. Infantis is largely responsible for helping babies build a healthy immune system.
  • Researchers at UC Davis have found that babies who take EVIVO during their first six months of life have better immume function which lasts five years and possibly a lifetime. This is the first and only clinically proven probiotic for babies.
  • Mixed with breast milk and fed to babies, EVIVO helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective gut microbiome. Breastmilk acts like a prebiotic, feeding the good bacteria.
  • EVIVO given to new babies diminishes the risk of autoimmune and metabolic diseases including: eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity.
  • EVIVO helps baby’s with gas and colic.

Researchers at UC Davis say they were able to dramatically reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant germs in breast-fed newborns’ intestines by giving them a daily dose of this probiotic for just three weeks during their first months of life.
Dr Mark Underwood, a neonatologist and senior author on the study, said he expected to see a drop in the pathogens, but he was surprised that newborns who received the probiotic had 90 percent fewer antibiotic-resistant bacteria than infants who were fed only breast milk.