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Convertible Car Seat Q + A

Convertible Car Seat Q + A

Your child can stay in an infant seat as long as they meet the height and weight requirements. When their size exceeds the car seat weight or height restrictions you should move them into a convertible car seat.

Here are some questions we often get regarding convertible care seats:

1. What's a convertible car seat?

A car seat that faces rear and front facing.

2. Can a convertible go into strollers?

No, convertibles are stationary seats. That's why most parents choose to start with infant car seat

3. Can a newborn use a convertible?

Most can be used for a newborn, just make sure your baby fits weight/height limit.

4. How long will we use convertibles?

Convertibles can be used up till child is about 4-7 years old depending on which seat you choose and how big your child grows.


Written by: Adam Lari The Pump Station & Nurtury Certified Child Car Seat Technician