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5 Reasons Why Every Mom Should Try the Medela Symphony Breast Pump

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5 Reasons Why Every Mom Should Try the Medela Symphony Breast Pump

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What is a Plugged Milk Duct?

For over 30 years we've been renting & selling breast pumps, so we know a little about this. While there are many great pumps out there, our team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants find the Medela Symphony to be the absolute best! 

Why? Well, our IBCLC experts all agree it’s simply the best at helping you establish your milk supply, build your milk supply and maintain your milk supply!  

Of course, there are many other reasons for Moms to love it too! Here’s our top 5 reasons why we think the Symphony is right for you!! 

1. It Saves Time!

Who doesn’t need more time? The Symphony helps you pump MORE milk in LESS time! 

2. Shhh……More Quiet Time?

Yes, PLEASE!!!! It’s comfortable, easy & efficient to use.. PLUS surprisingly quiet!

3. Fewer Ouchies! 

It is particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue. Seriously, ask another breastfeeding mama, this is important stuff right here.

4. Feel like you’re boobs are about ready to spring a leak? 

No worries! Put on your hands-free pumping bra, plug in your Symphony and say bye-bye to uncomfortable engorgement! 

5. Going back to work?

When Junior’s not sucking as much, this pump does the heavy lifting. Plus, did we mention it’s quiet?

Bonus Plan: Did we mention it can also help heal mastitis AND bring out flat or inverted nipples? Wow, who even knew that was a thing?

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