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Joeyband™ PRO - The Premiere Product for Skin-to-Skin Cuddles


Where love meets Science

The Joeyband™ Pro simplifies newborn care in diverse settings, including the OR table, NICU, L&D, and Postpartum.

With its universal design, the Joeyband™ PRO can be used by a wide range of patients, caregivers, and newborns, including singletons, twins, and triplets. The Joeyband™ PRO has a wide range of adjustability.

Joeyband™ Pro provides a secure fit for premature and full-term babies and for patients and caregivers with mobility constraint promoting universal accessibility. This solution streamlines clinical staff workflow in the OR, NICU, L&D, and Postpartum care.

The perfect gift for the new baby in your life. Used by top hospitals and families around the world for skin-to-skin, Joeyband™ eases the transition from womb to world.  

Giving babies the healthiest start and supporting parents, skin-to-skin with the Joeyband™ is proven to improve breastfeeding success, enhance bonding, lower stress levels and more.  

For the Fourth Trimester, and beyond.  

Size:  25" - 60"  One Size Fits Most


Joeyband™ is made in North America of Nylon Spandex, with industry strength hook and loop closure.   Imagine your favourite yoga pants, wrapping you and your baby in a soft, stretchy hug.


Joeyband™ can be hand washed, or machine washed.

Bind the hook and loop prior to washing so it doesn’t snag on your other clothes.

Wash on a gentle, cool setting, and either air dry flat, or tumble dry low – just like you would your favourite swimsuit or athletic wear.  

Steam any wrinkles out, if you wish!