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7 Signs It's Time to Seek Out Breastfeeding Help!

7 Signs It's Time to Seek Out Breastfeeding Help!

1. Every time you attempt to latch your baby you feel like you’re getting ready to jumpstart your car. 

Are you constantly asking yourself “does positive go to positive? Or positive go to negative?" Or wondering "What happens if I do this wrong?" Don't worry you're not alone! Yes, a good latch is essential for your baby to get enough milk and to avoid complications and pain, but there's a lot of information and misinformation out there. Best way to ensure a happy, healthy breastfeeding journey? Take your tips from the experts!

2. You dread nursing because every time your baby does latch it feels like your breasts are being put through a shredder!

You know that shredder that makes the extra fine Parmesan cheese, yea that one. While most cheese is perfectly fine to eat while breastfeeding (cheese is rich in protein and calcium & both these nutrients are essential for baby’s overall development), the last thing you or your nipples should be feeling is like shredded anything!

3. Your baby cries ALL the time... or sleeps ALL the time 

While sleep may sound like a good thing to you, it’s not for your baby at this time. Yes, babies are biologically designed to fall asleep at the breast, but too much sleep may mean they are not getting enough to eat. Another very important reason to reach out to an IBCLC, as this can be detrimental to your babies health and your milk supply.

4. You’re worried about your milk supply.

Are you in constant fear that child protective services is going to show up and arrest you for starving your baby? The amount of milk you make depends on how often and how effectively your baby feeds at the breast. Another reason that lactation support from the start is so important.

5. Your breasts aren’t engorged by the 5th day... or you’re so engorged that when you put on your nursing bra it feels 6 sizes too small (and it’s a 38 Double G).

Breasts that are over full or "engorged" not only feel swollen, but can be downright painful. If milk is not removed a more serious condition may develop known as mastitis. Again, some engorgement is normal and should happen by the 5th day after birth, but anything extreme and we should be next up on your call list. We also have a few tips to help you relieve engorgement here! 

6. Despite all your efforts breastfeeding, your baby hasn’t regained birth weight at 2 weeks.

Your husband/partner has put on 2 pounds of sympathy weight and your post baby belly still feels like a bowl full of jelly, meanwhile your baby isn't even back to his/her normal birth weight. While it is normal for newborns to lose weight the first few days, The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that most newborns should surpass their birth weight by the time they are 7 to 10 days old, if this is NOT the case with your baby, you should always contact your healthcare provider, but you should also reach out to a Breastfeeding specialist. We can ensure you are maximizing your milk production and your baby is latching properly, including helping you with "Deep Latch Technique"

7. After probing your babies diapers like a CSI using a blue light at a crime scene, you realize that your baby does not have 3 or more yellow, runny stools.

Your investigative skills are finally being put to good use, analyzing poo, but by day six you see nada! While it is a common for a healthy breastfed baby to go two or three days without pooping, by day six there should be at least three or more runny stools that resemble something along the lines of seedy mustard (grey poupon anyone?) The color and consistency of your newborns poop says a lot.  But don't worry, that's where an experienced IBCLC comes in handy! We have high level intel and are here to help.

But seriously, if you have ANY breastfeeding concerns, please get help! Too often moms cut their breastfeeding journey short because issues arise they don't have the tools to deal with, but know – we're here for YOU!! That's what we are here for, we have an amazing team of lactation specialists that are available to you, day and night. You deserve to have the breastfeeding journey you've always wanted, so let us help. We are your village.




Photo Credit: Klose Up Photography