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We Turn "OUCH!" into "AHHH!": 5 Reasons to Seek Breastfeeding Help

We Turn "OUCH!" into "AHHH!": 5 Reasons to Seek Breastfeeding Help

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Producing milk is natural; the art of latching a baby to the breast is learned. Sometimes what is supposed to come easily doesn’t, and sometimes a breastfeeding problem occurs after discharge from the hospital. The following are situations in which lactation professionals would be very helpful.

1. We turn OUCH! into AHHH! Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt! If you’re struggling with a painful latch, engorgement, or just need a some breastfeeding TLC, let us help! Our moms have found that one hour with us is a breastfeeding game changer!

2. We're committed to helping you meet your breastfeeding goals. The breastfeeding journey is unique for each parent. We have experience assisting breastfeeding families with twins, low milk supply, adoptive and surrogate families. To us, "breastfeeding success" means fostering fulfilling and healthy emotional relationships in families.

3. Our Consultants have decades of experience supporting new moms. Did you know that IBCLC’s undergo rigorous academic and hands’ on medical training in order to become certified? Plus, all of our LC’s at The Pump Station & Nurtury® are registered nurses, and a few of us even have advanced degrees! Our breastfeeding expertise is grounded in decades of medical research.

4. We provide pre-natal and post-natal breastfeeding service, support and education. We offer evidence based, unconditional support…for all families!

5. Our Consultants have more clinical experience as most served as nurses in the maternal child health field.

Other reasons we recommend you see a Lactation Consultant:

  • Your baby does not latch onto your breasts or latch on is difficult
  • You have sore, cracked, painful nipples
  • You breasts are severely heavier/fuller (engorged) and the baby is now struggling to latch
  • Your breasts are not heavier/fuller (engorged) by day 5
  • You are concerned that your baby is not receiving enough milk
    • Your baby isn’t urinating 6 times a day by day 6
    • Your baby isn’t having at least 3 yellow, runny stools in 24 hours by day 6 o Your baby is very sleepy and not waking for feeds
    • Your baby cries all the time
    • Your baby hasn’t regained birth weight at two weeks
  • Your baby was born 37 weeks of gestation or earlier
  • Your baby was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Mother and baby were separated at birth due to infant or maternal complications
  • You had a previous difficult breastfeeding experience
  • You have had breast surgery
  • You need reassurance that you are doing it “right”

What other reasons prompted you to see a breastfeeding consultant? Share them here in the comments below!

Photo credit: Klose Up Photography