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Mustela Compostable Cleansing Wipes


These unscented baby wipes effectively clean the face, hands or diaper area, from birth on. Water wipes made of 99% ingredients of natural origin and plant-based fibers, they are compostable at home*. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Fragrance-free wipes.

Made from plant based and plastic free fibers, these organic wipes efficiently clean the face, hands or diaper area from birth on thanks to their natural formula! Fragrance-free wipes for the whole family.

Soft and resistant. Allows for a gentle cleansing that leaves the skin moisturized and soothed. Practical when traveling as our unscented wipes don't require rinsing.

A high tolerance & minimalist formula: With 99% of natural origin and only 6 rigorously selected ingredients to take care of baby skin. Our natural organic wipes efficiently and gently cleanse all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Compostable wipes at home: The combination of our natural formula and plant-based fibers has enabled us to obtain the OK compost HOME certification* by TÜV Austria, which guarantees the quality of the compost created with our wipes.

A fiber of plant origin: Our fibers, produced from wood pulp from FSC®** certified forests, have been selected based on an environmental assessment*** to significantly reduce the impacts of our wipes.

Non-flushable wipes: And that's actually great news! Flushing any type of wipes isn't recommended. Even if they're marketed as "flushable" and crafted from biodegradable materials like organic cotton, viscose, or bamboo, these wipes still need specific conditions to break down properly. Unfortunately, sewage systems aren't equipped to facilitate this natural decomposition process. Despite the tempting labels you might spot on supermarket shelves declaring certain wipes as "flushable," know that water authorities don't support these claims. The best route for disposing of biodegradable wipes responsibly? Composting! Learn more about flushable wipes vs compostable wipes.

New smart packaging: Packaging with an adhesive label optimized to preserve the moisture of the water wipes throughout their use.

Suitable from birth on: High skin & eye tolerance. Dermatologically and pediatrically tested. Fragrance-free wipes suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

60 count