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Embracing the Wonder of Grandparenting...

Embracing the Wonder of Grandparenting...

...and the Complications That Come With It. 

Parenting is tough. Step back take a breath, imagine what it was like 20, 30-40 years ago when you were born. It's nothing like it was - new products, new gizmos, new gadgets and freakin' technology. $hit, feel some empathy for your parents, they're like in the dark ages. So, we talk to alot of expecting and new couples. And, we talk to alot of their parents. Most of the time, they mean really well. 

Grandparenting is tough too. Looking back as a grandparent you're like, been there done that. but wow so much has changed. 

Every family is unique and has their own dynamics.

  1. How do you participate in this extraordinary cycle of life?
  2. How do you approach a conversation that you want to have with your children, and they want to have with you?  Are they the boss and you follow or is there a way for a more complex conversation?
  3. What are the things you want to fight for and what might be a losing battle that you have to surrender to? Still, you want a way to respectfully communicate with them even if you don’t get what you want.
  4. Managing expectations.  Coming to terms that new ones come up and old ones get better. What works one day may not work the next.
  5. What is your growing edge in life?  What do you want to go for whether that is a bucket list or something you want to learn? How do you fire up the energy that has heart and meaning for you?

Families go through cycles. In past years, they were dependent now they are more self-sufficient.

In our new Class offering Grandparenting: The Joys & Struggles we will discuss expectations for how to best serve your family. Experiences during our time together will allow for inner and outer resources to surface that help in having a positive relationship with your family.

This class is an invitation to explore the challenges and gifts at this "grandparent time" of your life. How do you align yourself in order for it to be meaningful. Come check out this wonderful class and learn tips and tricks to best serve your unique family. 

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by Natalie Caine