People Toy Company Baby Babble First Words Training Trumpet

$8.95 $5.00
The Baby Babble First Words Training Trumpet utilizes its two-way mouthpiece to help develop speech muscles through play to get baby ready for their first words. It comes in the familiar shape of a sippy cup. This playful, two handle training trumpet encourages grasping skills while helping baby develop oral speech muscles as they make music by blowing in or out on the two-way mouthpiece. *At first, babies can only control sucking in air.
  • Two-way whistle that plays music whether blowing out or sucking in
  • Stimulates developing oral motor skills to prepare baby for first words
  • Playful beads to stimulate baby and add sound depth while playing
  • Two handles for better grip and ability to attach to stroller (clip not included)
  • Easy cleaning ability as the top is removable to wash and sanitize before and after play.
  • Suitable for 7 months and up