Ameda Silicone Diaphragms - 2 count

$7.95 $6.00

Diaphragms are an important part of keeping milk safe in our closed system breast pumps. They act as a solid barrier to prevent air, moisture, and milk from entering into pump tubing. This keeps the 'wet' side and the 'dry' side of the breast pump separate. Our silicone diaphragms are compatible with all Ameda breast pumps and HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems.

Ameda breast pump parts replacement for Ameda breast pumps including Purely Yours, Finesse, Platinum, Elite and Joy breast pumps.  These diaphragms also fit Lansinoh pumps made in 2009 or before. Diaphragms do not need to be cleaned at each pumping if the cap and diaphragm is removed from the breast flange immediately when pumping session is over.  Replace diaphragms every 6 months if you hand wash or more frequently if you sterilize in dishwasher, boiling water or steam sterilizer as those are not the recommended methods for cleaning this part.