Pinxav Diaper Rash Cream Ointment


Pinxav (pronounced Pink Salve) Diaper Rash Ointment is a women owned family business, Made in the USA since 1927.

Soothe ~ Heal ~ Protect

SOOTHING & HEALING INGREDIENTS: PINXAV's proprietary formula contains unique healthy ingredients that work to stop the pain and heal the skin tissue. We start with 30% non-nano particle Zinc Oxide that can help lower skin inflammation and protects against further wetness. Then we add oil of clove and wintergreen along with menthol as local anesthetic agents to stop the pain! Next, we add Aloe, Vitamin E, and Eucalyptol to help heal the skin tissue.

The Pinxav Story In 1927, our grandfather Milford Harris of Cleveland Ohio, then 25yrs old, was raising his family and was displeased with the products available for diaper rash cream. A pharmacist in Cleveland, Milford set out to formulate a product that Milford and his team of doctors and pharmacists knew could work better than anything else on the market. The result was a Diaper Rash Ointment that surpassed all the rest. It’s healing ingredients enabled parents to care for their babies using healthy remedies that were ahead of its time.

When Milford Harris passed away, his wife Lillian Harris took over the company and became one of very few female CEO’s of her time. A career social worker, Lillian was passionate about her responsibility to give back to the world. Owning and operating Pinxav for more than 30 years, Lillian was committed to running a company that valued kindness, respect and integrity which is evidenced by the fact that the original formula of Pinxav has never been altered, maintaining high-quality healing ingredients is why we are loved and trusted by pediatricians, parents and caregivers for the past 4 generations. Lillian ran the business till she was 97 and then, when she passed away at 104, she gave the company to her grandchildren. Today, sisters’, Jodi and Hallie Harris, are carrying on in their gram's footsteps by caring on the legacy of love and healing, that’s what Pinxav is all about .