Imp Prints Co Paint Swab


Make a hand print or footprint of a child or baby.
Our Paint Swab is a small folded paper towelette coated in our paint, packaged in a sealed pouch. It is packaged like an alcohol wipe, or moist towelette.
Just tear open the pouch, pull out the wet towelette and wipe the paint on the bottom of a hand or foot. Then press the painted hand or foot on any non coated paper product.
They are available in a variety of colours. We make our own paint that is non toxic and washes off very easily with soap and water.

Plan to make hand and footprint keepsakes with your child? We make our own paint in house. No mystery chemicals involved. It’s our own formula, similar to finger paint but thinner and faster drying so it won’t over-wet the paper.  It makes a light translucent print which you can make on a plain background or over text. It is available in four beautiful colours, pink, blue, lilac purple and green. Imp Prints Co hand and footprint paint is non toxic and easily washes off with a baby wipe or with soap and water. 

Our paint swabs are safe. They conform with  the following standards: