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Mom - Tea Towels

$14.95 $7.00
OMG My Mother Was Right
Mom I'm Sorry
House Full of Boys
What Did I Just Say
Mom Is Clocking Out
To My Children
Italian Renaissance Paintings

Premium Artisan Tea Towel. 100% Cotton, heavy weight fabric with reinforced seams and hanging loop. Measures 20x28" Designed and printed in Arizona.

Choose from:

  • OMG my mother was right about everything
  • ,mom i'm sorry for all the dumb stuff i did when i was a kid. if it helps you only know about half of it.
  • a friend asked me what it was like to live in a house full of boys.  so i peed on her bathroom floor, ate everything in her fridge, told her 900 stories about minecraft, farted 20 times, and when she was ready to kill me i gave her a hug and told her she was pretty.
  • i'm at the point in parenting where "what did i just say ?!" coule either be a threat or a genuine question
  • we have officially reached the "you're on your own" portion of the day - mom is clocking out
  • to my children: never make fun of having to help me with computer stuff. i taught you how to use a spoon.
  • now that i've lived through an actual plague, i totally understand why italian renaissance paintings are full of naked fat people

White with black text that highlights any decor - Machine washable and fade resistant - Individually wrapped in a minimalist band with towel name on it for easy display and the perfect gift! *(Packaging example for Mr. Rogers shown.)
Made in United States