Lacti-Cups Essentials 2 pk

Lacti-Cups Essentials were completely designed by a Clinical Lactation Consultant, who knows all the ins and outs of breastfeeding from her own experience nursing her babies and later from over 17 years working in PostPartum and Intensive Care Unit for Newborns helping moms and their babies to  breastfeed successfully.


Lacticups® is VERY Proud to be the First Product of its kind that has come to set new standards in the breastfeeding world, and have come to make your breastfeeding journey easier and rewarding. 
  1. Lacti-Cups are BPA Free, it doesn’t contain BPS (bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols or any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free)
  2. Lacti-Cups has Braille Markings: The first breastfeeding product that has taken into account mothers with vision deficiencies or blindness, who may have difficulty assembling the Lacti-Cups. Adding Braille marks facilitates the assembling even for moms who can see, it will be easy to assemble it during the night.
  3. Lacti-Cups has added a barrier to the cup to prevent spills when leaning forward. This barrier will prevent the milk from spilling when moms move around in daily life.
  4. Lacti-Cups has included 2 plugs that can be used in 2 different ways.
  5. The new innovative shape of Lacti-Cups allows over 75. mls of milk collection.   These were designed to rest in the lower part of your breast making it easier to conceal, even for moms who have large chest.
  6. Lacti-Cups has the spout to pour out the milk and facilitates transferring of the    milk into a Lacticups® bags which have a practical spout and are puncture resistant. 
  7. Lacti-Cups are washable, dishwasher safe and reusable - Lacticups® recommendation is to hand wash with water and soap. Remember that dishwasher detergents contain very harsh chemicals that can leave soap residues in your baby's products. Is not necessary to sterilize it after each use.
  8. Lacti-Cups will have 2 different sizes: Standard and Medium. The size is based on the width of the nipples. Standard size is available Now, with an opening of  30 mm, will fit nippls with    less than 27 mm diameter (no bigger than a Quarter coin) and no longer than 3/4 of inch. Medium Size will be released in coming months, for nippls wider that 30 mm.
Please read instructions and learn how to assemble and use Lacti-Cups.