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Cubtale Smart Breastfeed Tracker - The Breastfeed Cub


The Breastfeeding Cub helps you with keeping track of your feed session. The R/L switch keeps track of your breast side, while the device works as a stopwatch. For those parents that may be concerned with RF radiation, the device was optimized so that it only activates during a log, so it is significantly safer compared to mobile phones.

Cubtale Mobile App presents your logs in formats and reports that can be easily shared with pediatricians, helping you feel more in control.

The Breastfeeding Cub comes with a lanyard so that you can wear it as a necklace, place it next to your rocker chair, or put it in your pocket. What ever feels convenient.

Finally, we understand care tracking needs change over time. Our patent-pending Cubs have replaceable pads, so that when you are done tracking an activity, you can insert a new pad and voila! your Cub can now track something else.