BEB Organic Starter Set

The BEB Organic Starter Set features a full size bottle of Healing Gel, mini sizes of Bubbly Wash, Silky Cream and Diaper Balm, all in a convenient grab-and-go organic cotton travel bag. PLUS a $25 gift card good towards a $125 purchase.  
  • Healing Oil - A rose petal enriched multi-miracle worker, providing cooling comfort to instantly soothe irritated skin. This exclusive formula is packed with PHYTOCURA™ complex and works to optimize pH, restore healthy probiotics, speed up healing and minimize scars. Ultra-effective elderberry, cypress and myrrh help transform damaged, acne and inflamed skin into a spotless look of picture-perfect health. Ideal for baby acne, eczema, and umbilical care. Healing Gel provides ideal blemish control for pregnant or breastfeeding moms who want to avoid harsh chemical products.
  • Bubbly Wash - Highly concentrated to be long-lasting and is infused with our nutrient-rich PHYTOCURA™ Complex, made of precious rose petal extractions and pure mandarin rose oil. Let natural suds glide gently over hair and skin, then rinse away pristine clean without a drop of residue. The bubbly pH-balanced bath leaves skin feeling healthy, soft and conditioned, never tacky or dry. It softens, moisturizes and smells delightful while providing a powerful antioxidant boost from green tea and marigold. Bubbly Wash is ocularly tested and doesn't sting the eyes.
  • Silky Cream - Deeply moisturizing, exceedingly light cream features our proprietary PHYTOCURA™ Complex, a coveted concentrate with precious and costly rosehip oil, rose petal extractions, mandarin rose aromatic oils plus other luxuriously nourishing organic ingredients. Immerse in buttery softness and soothe dry, rough patches with the creamy caress of rich moisture. Effortlessly solve dehydration and reinforce the skin's protective barriers with the aid of fresh avocado and flax oils. Replenish moisture and pacify moods with the dual action of mild aromatic plant oils.
  • Diaper Balm- Luxuriously nourishing rosehip oil, one of skincare’s most expensive miracle ingredients, headlines our signature PHYTOCURA™ Phytonutrient Complex, brimming with over 6000 bio-active compounds. A coat of this protective ointment gets to the bottom of rashes with instant effective relief. Finicky fannies love its soothing velvety care. Green tea and marigold boost skin resilience, zinc seals out wetness and germs, Ceramides accelerate healing and geranium helps prevent infection. Depend on Diaper Balm to control inflammation, redness and pain.