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Round two! “Here we go again! What have we gotten ourselves into?” This is probably one of the most FAQ's by parents who have just transitioned from having one child to two. While being a second-time mom does create new joys, (such as feeling much more confident), it's often very different this time around. Adjusting our expectations and managing the mommy guilt is more important than ever!

We know how important and helpful it is for second-time moms (or third-time moms for that matter!) to have a community to come to every week where they can discuss and process questions unique to parenting more than one child. Questions like:
  • “What was I thinking having another baby?”
  • “How do handle my older child’s feelings of jealousy”
  • “How do I make bedtime work now that I have two children to manage?”
  • “How do I help encourage a healthy sibling relationship?”
  • “How do I keep from getting frustrated with my partner over, well, everything?”
Okay, so that last question is not unique to second-time moms, but as you can see list goes on and on!


Build Your Village In-Person Again!!!

We are offering in-person classes in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Click here to learn more about our new Class Locations.

Given the success of our virtual program we will continue to offer classes on Zoom for those who are not living in So Cal and those who prefer to continue taking classes virtually.

As always, the well-being and safety of our moms, dads and babies are of utmost importance to us.  Please review our Parent & Me Class Guidelines for In-Person Classes prior to signing up for an in-person class.

More About Our Parent & Me Groups:

Our classes, led by licensed psychotherapists, provide parents with the understanding of how their babies mature emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically. In addition, we help new parents adjust to the joys and challenges of parenting. Based strongly on a mindful parenting philosophy, we emphasize parenting with awareness of what the present moment requires. We believe in using communication, connection and respect as the ideal way to raise secure, independent and empathic human beings. Our ultimate goal is that the class be both informative and fun. Our wish is for you to leave with confidence in your new role as a parent, as well as a wonderful support system of friends.

We offer 75-minute sessions that meet weekly and begin when your baby is between 4 and 8 weeks old. Five Curated Sessions are offered throughout babies first year and conclude with a very special graduation day as babies are approaching their first birthday.  Sessions are structured as such:

  • Session 1: 10 weeks
  • Session 2: 8 weeks
  • Session 3: 8 weeks
  • Session 4: 8 weeks
  • Session 5: 6 weeks

A new topic is presented for discussion each week, but we always include developmental play, as well as a "check-in" time to connect and ask questions. As babies grow, so does the curriculum, adding new activities to each session to help promote baby’s development. Enroll in our program and get Pump Station Parent & Me Perks!  Perks include:

  • Weekly handouts that include the most up-to-date and current research on parenting topics.
  • 20% off all your merchandise purchases except Baby Gear (car seats, strollers, high chairs, bouncers, baby carriers and their accessories) & Breast Pumps
REGISTRATION REQUIRED (all classes are listed in Pacific Coast Time):

Please remember when registering there are 4 things to consider: (1) your baby’s birth date (2) the type of group you’re interested in (3) the location you’re interested in (4) whether you want a virtual or in-person group. There are several ways you can reserve your spot today:

  1. Click on the "Enroll Now" button at the very top of this page and you will see all group options.
  2. Scroll down to bottom of this page and you'll see all class options, find the group that’s right for you and enroll.
  3. If you’re unsure or have any questions:
    1. Call our new store at 2727 Main St in Santa Monica at 310-998-1981 and ask to speak to Norma, our program manager, or another member of our team.
    2. Email Norma at and provide the following information:
      1. Your Name
      2. Your Email
      3. Your Phone #
      4. Your little ones birth date or due date

    We are so looking forward to seeing you all at one of our new class locations!!!

    Meet Our Instructors

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    And Baby Makes Four? Could it be more different the Second Time around? by Elyse Eberstein, CLE, MSW, from The Pump Station Blog
    Photo Credit: Klose Up Photography