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Round two! “Here we go again! What have we gotten ourselves into?” This is probably one of the most FAQ's by parents who have just transitioned from having one child to two. While being a second-time mom does create new joys, (such as feeling much more confident), it's often very different this time around. Adjusting our expectations and managing the mommy guilt is more important than ever!

We know how important and helpful it is for second-time moms (or third-time moms for that matter!) to have a community to come to every week where they can discuss and process questions unique to parenting more than one child. Questions like:
  • “What was I thinking having another baby?”
  • “How do handle my older child’s feelings of jealousy”
  • “How do I make bedtime work now that I have two children to manage?”
  • “How do I help encourage a healthy sibling relationship?”
  • “How do I keep from getting frustrated with my partner over, well, everything?”
Okay, so that last question is not unique to second-time moms, but as you can see list goes on and on!

Led by credentialed therapists who specialize in early child development and maternal mental health, our groups can be one of the best things that you can do for yourself as a second-time mom. You will meet other second-time and/or third-time moms with babies the same age as your youngest child, and gain the guidance, education and friendships that all new second-time mothers need.

Based on a mindful and conscious parenting philosophy, our groups emphasize how to parent with reflection, respect and connection. Our goal is for you to leave feeling confident and supported in your role as a Mom.

We offer 2 options for these moms:

Mommy & Me Groups: During these 75-minute sessions you and your baby virtually meet with other moms and babies once weekly during the day for 8 weeks. There are five 8-week sessions in total, that begin when your baby is 4-8 weeks old and conclude with a very special graduation day, as babies are approaching their first birthday. A new topic is presented for discussion each week, but we always include developmental play, as well as a "check-in" time to connect and ask questions. As babies grow, so does the curriculum, adding new activities to each session to help promote your baby’s development. Plus this is a great opportunity for your babies to  learn and receive their first social experiences!

New: Second/Third Time Mommies Gathering:

A new twist on an old favorite!  For years, moms have loved our second-time mommy & me program!  Each week they brought their new baby to class and enjoyed a wonderful community of second time/third time mommies, along with the guidance and support of a credentialed therapist.  Then along came COVID-19 and our in-store classes went virtual.

While virtual classes still provide moms with much needed connection and support, we came to realize they have been a bit harder for second time moms to manage, since they are trying to focus on class while their older child is at home also wanting their time and attention!

That’s why we have come up with a new spin on this important group.  Now you can still be a part of your mommy community without the stress of trying to entertain and take care of your children at the same time!

After you put your little ones to bed, let us help you to wind down your day! Grab a well-deserved class of wine (or cup of your favorite tea), plop down on the sofa with a cozy quilt, turn on your computer, and immerse yourself in your group gathering.  This is your time! Catch up with your mommy friends, laugh together, lean on one another, and let’s not forget, get those important parenting questions answered.

60-minute classes are the perfect amount of time to check-in with your tribe, discuss relevant parenting topics, ask important parenting questions to your group leader, and do something that is just for you!

Whichever group you choose we welcome you to our village! Take this opportunity to learn new tools and create close relationships with other moms!

Other Perks included when you join our Parent & Me Village:
  • Weekly handouts that include the most up-to-date and current research.
  • 10% off all merchandise
  • 20% off Baby Clothes, Toys and Books
  • Free - Attend any:
  • New Mother’s Breastfeeding Support Group - Tuesdays 1:15-2:30
  • Music w/ Kira - Mondays/Wednesdays 10:30-11:00

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    Still have questions? No problem!! Just give us a call in Santa Monica at 310-998-1981 and we're happy to answer them for you!

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    And Baby Makes Four? Could it be more different the Second Time around? by Elyse Eberstein, CLE, MSW, from The Pump Station Blog 

    Photo Credit: Klose Up Photography