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Developmental Play: Birth to 6 Months

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Playing with your baby is a simple and meaningful way to connect with your baby and encourage your baby's development. From the time your baby is born, he looks to you to help understand and make sense of the world. Our class gives hands on, easy to follow techniques to help you to promote your infant's development in the first 6 months of life. Play ideas will foster gross and fine motor skills, sensory development and early language acquisition through activities, songs and environmental exploration. Class is a collaboration between a pediatric PT and OT.

Class length: 60min

Ages: Birth to 6months

Price: $30

Instructor Bios:

Juliana Plank PT, DPT and Allison Weiss MSOT, SWC are a team of Pediatric Physical and Occupational therapists who are passionate about developmental play through interpersonal and sensory exploration. Together, they developed the Tummies Together class series, to help Moms return to high level, pain free function postpartum while simultaneously assisting meet milestones. In our Developmental Play Hot Topics class we will provide stress free, easy activities to facilitate sensory, social and motor development. Allison and Juliana both have backgrounds in outpatient clinic and early intervention practices and enjoy working with babies and their families to meet milestones and thrive. Their unique team approach provides holistic care for babies as well as their caregivers and families. They are both Mamas to young children and love to play with kids of all ages. Allison and Juliana both run private practices and can be found on Instagram @TummiesTogether or by email at