CPR Class Offerings

Classes Offered In-Person & On-line via Zoom

Could you or your child's caregivers perform CPR if needed? Is your home safe for your little ones? Don't take chances - check out these classes - they will give you the tools you need to Save a Little Life:

Pediatric CPR & Home Safety – English & Spanish

Learn evidence-based life saving techniques and guidelines utilized by the American Heart Association in a simple and straight forward way. Topics covered include airway obstruction removal, home safety and best response to many common household emergencies. The course is a one-time, 2-2½ hour class offered in English and Spanish.

Here in Southern California we have an immensely diverse population.  Included, and of great importance to many families, is that their nanny/care provider may very likely be a primary Spanish speaker.  Most of these individuals are women and many have the utmost level of responsibility for the families they work for.  Life threatening emergencies occur when they occur...and certainly not with any warning.  If the person responding is a primary Spanish speaker it seems obvious that having learned the skills in their native language would improve their confidence in performing life-saving skills. Our Spanish CPR instructor is a very experienced health care provider who is an expert in teaching and puts the learner at ease so their skills acquisition is even greater.

PORQUE LAS EMERGENCIAS PUEDEN OCURRIR EN CUALQUIER MOMENTO… Los programa de aprendizaje de la Save A Little Life ™ sobre reanimación cardipulmonar (RCP) y uso del desfibrilador externo automático (DEA) ayudan a aumentar las tasas de supervivencia, ya que entrenan a las personas como usted a responder con rapidez. La triste realidad es que la mayoría de las víctimas de paro cardíaco no sobreviven. El umbral de oportunidad para que una persone actúe antes de que sea demasiado tarde es de cuatro a seis minutos, pero menos de un tercio de las víctimas de paro cardíaco reciben RCP de las personas que están cerca.

Toddler CPR -

Infant care and safety inevitably gives way to toddler and small child health and safety.  Given what we know about age-related risk it is critically important that all family members and care providers update these skills.  For example, the leading cause of accidental death in 1-4 year olds is drowning.  Choking also remains a big factor and if it should occur it is up to those immediately present to deal with it.  Save A Little Life has the highest quality mannequins and the class will include the essential life-saving skills for these types of events.  We will also include essential first aid instruction in areas such as burns, lacerations, poisonings, severe allergic response and any other issues that parents have.

This class will cover these critical areas:

Age-related risk assessment and prevention plan for your toddler or small child.

How life-saving skills are applied to this older group.

Toddler and small child CPR, and the management of an airway obstruction.

First aid in response to the following problems:

  • Bleeding control
  • Head injury recognition and response
  • Management of a seizure in the home or a community setting
  • Management of Burns
  • How to recognize and response to a severe allergic reaction
  • Water safety and response to a drowning

The class begins with an essential review of safe practices in the home to lower risk of common household accidents. A discussion of what CPR is, and under what circumstances it may be required, is next, followed by a demonstration of the basic skills.

Life-sized mannequins are provided to each participant. The instructor will then assist them in becoming familiar with the skill set by introducing various scenarios in which a parent might find themselves. Different sized mannequins representing the various stages of childhood are available for that purpose.

Students will also receive crucial information on the basics of airway obstruction and instruction on how to remove an obstruction.

There is ample time for questions both during and after class, if necessary.

If you're looking for a class for professionals or private groups let us know - we can coordinate a customized class that will work for you, your friends or the organization you are working with.

Classes are for parents and caregivers only, we cannot accommodate infants or children. This class is for educational purposes not certification. 

Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, including booster if eligible, is required for all in-person classes. Please email proof to 72 hours prior to the class.

Class Price:

Virtual price is $160 per couple or $85 per person.

In-Person price is $195 per couple or $100 per person.


Richard Pass, RN, BS is the Program & Course Director for Save A Little Life. His experience includes many years as a clinical practitioner in critical care areas, including many years in large emergency departments. He has been a basic and advanced CPR instructor for more than 30 years.

The CPR Squad is a team of highly trained, skilled healthcare professionals whose work doesn’t end when their shift is over; so we decided to teach! Our careers are dedicated to serving our community and now we want to share what we have learned with our students.  The skills we use on a regular basis are passed down to our students, preparing them to respond to emergency situations and help them rise to the challenge.