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Breastfeeding Phone and Video Consultations

Our lactation support team has been working to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals for over 35 years. All of our lactation consultants are IBCLC certified, and most are registered nurses with a focus on newborn care.

We are currently offering virtual video appointments with our lactation team to support you in meeting your breastfeeding goals on Charm EHR. Please note that Charm is HIPPA COMPLIANT, which means it is a safe platform to exchange your secure, confidential and protected personal information. Many platforms being used are NOT HIPPA compliant thus pose risks with regards to privacy and confidentiality.

Schedule a virtual consultation with our team and get Pump Station Perks including:

• 2 weeks phone/text support from your consultant
• Free Breastfeeding Support Group $15 value
• Discounted pricing on breastfeeding supplies

We offer a variety of consultations, to help you determine what you need, we've provided some guidelines:

Schedule a 55-minute consult for $130 if:
• You are having latch or other breastfeeding issues
• You have concerns about your milk supply
• Your baby is having issues with weight gain
• You’d like to transition to nursing without a nipple shield
• You are returning to work and looking for a customized plan
• You have questions about pumping
• You have other breastfeeding issues such as:
• Plugged ducts or mastitis.
• Engorgement
• Breast or nipple pain
• Bottle refusal
• Weaning

Schedule an 85-minute consult for $170 if:
• You are a mother of multiples.
• Your baby is transitioning from the NICU.
• You have a hard-to-soothe baby
• You need both a full lactation visit including consult and you have questions about baby care basics such as swaddling, diapering, soothing, feeding etc.

If you have general questions about breastfeeding, we would highly encourage you to attend our New Mother’s Breastfeeding Support Groups by one of our IBCLC’s on Tuesdays from 1:15 – 2:30. Learn More and Enroll Here.

While all of our breastfeeding support team is IBCLC certified, the online assistance you receive during your phone/video consultation is not meant as a substitute for professional guidance from your local health care provider. Please check with your health care provider when making decisions concerning lactation that may impact the health and well-being of you and/or your breastfeeding child.

Rent your hospital grade pump from us and get a free 25 Minute Virtual Consultation. Call now to reserve your pump and make your appointment. 310-998-1981.

To Book a Phone / Video Breastfeeding Support Consultation:

  1. Scroll down to bottom of this page - look for callout "Choose Your Provider"
  2. Select provider that has schedule that may work best for you
  3. Select the Service that meets your needs based on the criteria above
  4. Search calendar and select day/time that works for you
  5. Complete the requested Information, hit Next
  6. Fill out reason for appointment and Credit Card Information, hit Confirm and you will receive 2 emails:
  • Video Consult Confirmation - with video link for your consultation
    • Questionnaire Notification - Please complete all forms prior to your appointment. If forms are filled out in advance we will be able to best maximize your consultation time with breastfeeding support

    Same Day Appointments are available. if you have difficulty booking a same day appointment , please contact our staff at the SM store at 310-998-1981 and they will check our teams availability and do their best to accommodate you.

      If you need to cancel your appointment we require at least 8 hours for a full refund or to reschedule. There is a $50 fee charged if you cancel less than 8 hours before your appointment. If you have mitigating circumstances please contact the store.
        TIPS for a successful virtual consult:
        • Fill out your paperwork before your appointment
        • Login into your appointment a couple of minutes before it begins.
        • Log in with BOTH your computer ( we see each other ) AND a phone ( to better see baby latch and nurse)
        • Have a partner available to help act as camera person , especially for positioning and latch issues
        • Dial in a few minutes early to ensure the best connection
        • Make a list of questions ahead of time to help focus you time spent in the consult
        • Be open to extending the visit if needed.  We want to be thorough and give you the best support we can.
        • If you would like to learn how to assemble or use your pump or be fitted for breast pump flanges, be sure that all of your parts are sterilized before the appointment begins
        •  If using a bottle - please have it in the room with you and milk or formula available.
        • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Santa Monica store at 310-998-1981, and we look forward to helping you.