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Breastfeeding Help

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Breastfeeding Articles:

When to Seek Professional Breastfeeding/Lactation Help

Breastfeeding Tips for the Working Mama

Plugged Milk Ducts & Mastitis

Offering a Breastfed Baby a Bottle

Why is Breastfeeding Important?

Tips to Relieve Engorgement

Overactive Let-Down

Is Baby Eating Enough?

Shouting "Fire" in a Room of Scientists: Breastfeeding and Sensationalism

Deep Latch Technique

Low Milk Supply

Biting and Teething


Raynaud's Phenomenon (Vasospasm of the Nipple)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Definitions of Breastfeeding Acronyms & Abbreviations

Breast Pumps & Breastmilk Collection

Breast Pump Rentals

Breast Pump Rental FAQ

Pumping Guidelines

Breastmilk Collection & Storage

Donate to Mother's Milk Bank


Lactation Consultations & Breastfeeding Support

Lactation Consultants

New Mom Breastfeeding Support Groups

The Day Someone Threw Me a Rope

New Study Proves Importance of IBCLC Care

Notice of Privacy Practices of the Lactation Consultant


How to Increase Milk Supply

Common Questions about Breastfeeding

How to Breastfeed: Deep Latch Technique

How to Use a Breast Pump

How to Breastfeed/Nurse in Public & The Easiest Nursing Clothing and Gear

How to Pump at Work and in Public

Breastfeeding in Public Laws & International Polices

Links to Further Resources

Ameda Breastfeeding Q & A

Ameda Breast Pumping Q & A

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) Possible effects & Alternate drugs

Standford Medical: Hand Expression Video

Consumer Product Safety Commission Blog  Product recalls & Safety information

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