Before Baby Visit


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Prepare to welcome your newborn bundle home!

What is a Before Baby Visit?
The Pump Station & Nurtury’s Before Baby Visit focuses on preparation, homecoming & recovery, baby care basics, and addresses parent’s specific questions or concerns. Having our experienced doula virtually visit your home before baby comes home can be one of the best gifts you and your partner give yourselves – peace of mind. Knowing that you worked with a prenatal expert to prepare and give you and baby the best start, will help you to relax and share this once-in-a-lifetime experience bonding with your newborn.

What happens at a Before Baby Visit?
A customized prenatal visit will give you the confidence that your space is ready for baby – or multiples! This 2-3 hour virtual visit from our prenatal expert and postpartum doula includes hands-on demonstrations in baby care and breastfeeding preparation, including an overview of your breast pump. Additionally, we review your nursery for safety, provide gift registry support/baby product discussion, and provide information on breastfeeding education and preparation. We may chat about expectations in the first few weeks postpartum, sleep expectations and consistent sensory sleep practices, as well as and what supplies you will need for proper care and recovery after delivery. We can also share instructional information sheets, referrals as requested (cord blood banking, photography, lactation specialists), as well as answer any questions or concerns to help you create a postpartum plan to better prepare yourself and your family.
By the end of your consultation, you will have the beginnings of your customized postpartum plan. You and your partner will be ready to:
• Soothe & Swaddle, Dress & Diaper
• Feed, Pump, & Prep
• Be confident in your Product Choices
• Rock your registry list
• Plan Support for after Baby comes home
• Take care of yourselves – and each other. (And Baby too!)

How do I schedule a Before Baby Visit?
Just email (please be sure to share your contact number) – or call! We will schedule at your convenience, and strongly suggest including your partner in this adventure. Plan for a 2-3 hour window of time. Second or third trimester is the recommended time frame. Your appointment is reserved by your advance payment of $350

Please contact us to schedule your visit!
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What specific topics are discussed at a Before Baby Visit?
Like babies, every family is unique. Our topics are customized based on your specific needs, experience, and questions. Whether you are giving birth, supporting a birth mom through surrogacy , or bringing an adopted baby – or babies!—home, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the specific topics most families address:

Baby Care.
Demo baby dolls will be used to teach and practice swaddling, diapering, and baby soothing techniques. Bathing, hygiene, and sizing of baby clothing will be discussed.

Momma Time.
Know how to maximize efficiency of baby’s feeds so Mom can be well rested and maintain a healthy diet. Learn to support Mom better during recovery. Better understand the impact of hormones and the importance of self-care and the impact of sleep and diet. Prepare for Self Care and/or Support your partner in emotional & physical recovery.

Breastfeeding Support.
Your doula is experienced in lactation support and is able to set-you up for successful feeding times with some advanced planning, ensuring proper supplies and prepared breastfeeding pump and supplies are available when you need them.

Nursery set-up & Supply organization.
Need someone to help sort through your multiple items – which of these do you really need? Which do you want? Your doula is knowledgeable about the latest, the greatest, and the safest in the baby biz. Ask questions, make a plan, or pick her brain for personal organization tips to help you be prepared enough to relax & just enjoy your baby! Or, she can help you prep your overnight hospital bag like a pro.

Personal Shopping option.
To help you prepare and have the RIGHT tools on hand for baby’s arrival, part of the visit includes discussion on the items you REALLY need and those that you probably don’t. To ease the last minute stress of shopping late in your pregnancy, your visit will include the option to select from among The Pump Station’s curated products that are presented during your visit. There is no obligation, but this can save you time and lessen anxiety because you know you will be prepared! Our prenatal expert can also assist with advance registry planning or helping you select the right products for your family based on your needs, space allowances, and your parenting choices.

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