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Spectra Mamivac Conical Shield & Case 2 ct

Large MM900206
Medium MM900190
Small MM900183
Spectra's Mamivac Conical Nipple Shield is a silicone nipple that is placed over the maternal nipple to make it easier for the infant to latch. For mothers with true inverted nipples or infants with oral abnormalities, this is a good way to facilitate breastfeeding until time is given to correct the essential problem.
Mamivac Nipple Shields come in multiple sizes: Small Conical, Medium Conical and Large Conical.


*Moms are encouraged to buy and use nipple shields with the assistance of a lactation consultant or healthcare specialist.*
Two factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing a nipple shield:
1. The nipple shield should fit tighter than a breast shield/flange and the size of the baby's mouth should be taken into consideration.
2. The nipple shield should be about 1-2 mm bigger than the diameter of the nipple. e.g. A 16mm diameter nipple can use a 18mm nipple shield.