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Hypnobirthing - 5 Thursday Nights - Virtual


The HypnoBirthing® approach prepares you to give birth peacefully and comfortably, using the guidance of your breath and intuition rather than the instructions from those around you. Giving birth is the most natural and magical experience! HypnoBirthing® helps you to bring a sense of calm and peace to your birth experience, empowering you to trust to your birthing body and create the birth experience that is right for you. ​

HypnoBirthing®, the Mongan Method, fuses traditional childbirth education with self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques. We change the vernacular of birthing to be more centered on the birthing mother and supporting her through visualization and affirmations. Having these tools at your disposal will help you to direct your birthing in the way that feels right for you.​​

​​Common Questions:

Will I be asleep or in a trance during my birth?

You will be no means be in a trance or unable to participate actively in your birth. On the contrary, in using self-hypnosis what you will be experiencing is a deep sense of focus - totally relaxed, but fully in control and aware of what is happening around you.

Will I feel pain? 

While we cannot guarantee you will not experience pain, by working with your breath you should be able to experience a calmer and more comfortable birthing experience.

What if my birth doesn't go according to plan? 

Because HypnoBirthing® is based on relaxation and trust, it can also support you should interventions become necessary in your birthing experience, allowing you to surrender to the unpredictability of birth.​

​Please feel to reach out with any other questions! I am always happy to talk about the power of hypnosis in birthing.

Class Materials

You will receive... 

Our textbook, HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method

Audio tracks for relaxation, stress reduction and baby bonding,

Class Handouts - including hypnosis scripts for home practice, birth preferences planning sheet, affirmations, and prompts.​

Our Class Structure and Content

​​We will meet once a week over the course of five weeks, for sessions of 2.5 hours each. In addition to educating and sharing information, we will also be watching birth videos to condition our minds to visualize birth as peaceful and gentle.

Unit 1   Setting the Stage & Building A Positive Expectancy

Introduction to the HypnoBirthing® Philosophy
The History of Women and Birthing
Our Bodies' Perfect Design
The Power of the Mind
Changing our Birthing Vocabulary

Unit 2   Falling in Love with Your Baby

Prenatal bonding techniques
Selecting the right care provider
Breathing and Relaxation

Self-Hypnosis Techniques
Taking Care of Your Body through Diet and Toning

Unit 3   Preparing for Birth

Hypnotic Deepening and Visualization

Preparing Birth Preferences
Preparing the Body for Birthing
Your Body Working for You and with You
Releasing Fear 

Unit 4   An Overview of Birth

Onset of Labor
Hallmarks of Labor
The Role of the Birth Companion
Birthing with your baby
Birth Rehearsal Imagery

Unit 5   Welcoming your Baby - Birth and Bonding

Moving into Birthing
Optimal Positions for Descent and Birthing
Breathing Baby Down to Birth - Review of Breathing
Magic Hour and Family bonding

The Fourth Trimester

Instructor Bio:

Ashley is a holistic practitioner living in Los Angeles, California, trained as a doula, hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing® instructor, early childhood educator, and yoga teacher. Her practice is deeply grounded in the idea that mindfulness is important at every stage of life, but mindful support is crucial as women transition into motherhood.

She recently gave birth to her first child and was blessed to be able to support herself naturally through her labor with the HypnoBirthing® techniques of self-hypnosis, breath, and affirmations. After experiencing the power of this work first hand, she is more excited than ever to share HypnoBirthing®!

Learning to support yourself through labor and stay peaceful with breathing and self-hypnosis feels more needed than ever with the Covid-19 hospital restrictions. More details about the approach can be found here: