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The Pump Station & Nurtury and Monti Kids: A Perfect Match

The Pump Station & Nurtury and Monti Kids: A Perfect Match

Partnering with Pump Station is a perfect match for Monti Kids, as we both share the same passion to provide families with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to guide their child through the first years of life.

Maria Montessori wrote: "These words reveal the child's inner needs: Help me to do it myself." A child raised with independence has the confidence to take on challenges throughout life. Pump Station has a similar goal: to prepare families for pregnancy, birth, infancy, early childhood, and life by providing them with the knowledge and tools to lay the best foundation for their child's development and learning from birth.

85% of the brain is formed by age 3, yet parents are left guessing how to create a stimulating environment during these formative years. Even for parents who go through the difficult process of researching their child's developmental needs, existing solutions are limited. Only 4% of all toys in the US are marked safe for children under 3, and those are mostly plastic and plush--cute, but not educational. Monti Kids provides parents with educational wooden toys and simple online guidance based on the world's leading early childhood curriculum: the Montessori Method. The subscription begins at birth, with customers advancing to a new stage every 3 months. When children outgrow Monti Kids, families have the option to enter our donation program for underserved children.

Monti Kids' recent honors include

∙       Invitation to the White House Early Education Summit

∙       Voted to speak on stage (out of 300 attendees) at the Lego Ideas conference

∙       Invitation to the Goldman Sachs, Global Leaders of Education Meeting

∙      Invitation to collaborate with Shakira and Fisher Price on an early education app for parents

∙       Invitation to the Harvard Cutting Edge of Early Education Research Meeting

∙       Nominated for the Dalai Lama Unsung Heroes of Compassion Awards

Join us Friday 8/17 from 1pm to 2pm as we host a special pop-up class on developmental play and the importance of movement for a baby's learning and growth with an introduction to Montessori for babies. 

Led by Berenice Saint Saens, of Monti Kids you will learn about how to use self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play with your newborn through their first 3 years of life.

We’ll explore how to set up your play space to promote learning and how to help your baby develop their concentration, perseverance and independence through play. You will leave with a better understanding of how to meet your child’s developmental needs throughout infancy

Attendees will get a $50 Swag bag filled with The Honest Company Products plus a special savings of $50 off your first order with Montikids!