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Postpartum Doula Spotlight: Melanie Wachsman Bingham

Postpartum Doula Spotlight: Melanie Wachsman Bingham

Each month we are featuring one of our Postpartum Doulas in brand new Doula Spotlight series!!

This month we interviewed Melanie Wachsman Bingham.

How do you see your role as a postpartum doula?

My commitment as a doula is to insure you have the birth and postpartum support you envision.  After spending 2 years volunteering in the Labor and Delivery Department at Cedars-Sinai, I understand the policies of hospitals and can work with them to advocate your delivery the way you choose it to be. My studies include prenatal yoga, breath work, pre/postnatal nutrition, hypnobirthing and lactation. My certifications include postpartum doula as well, so if you see support enhancing your early motherhood experience, I can see you through. The benefits of my role as a postpartum doula include successful breastfeeding, connective bonding with your baby, and management of daily life during the transition will you have welcoming your new addition. All of the postpartum benefits will also be infused with support in self-care and nurturing of yourself while caring for your newborn.  It's an honor to be part of this journey with you!

What do you like to do do when you’re not Doulaing?

While I am not Doulaing, I love to go dancing with my girlfriends, working on the yard, playing with my dog, going to the movies, hiking, and of course, spending time with my husband.

My nature is calm and present-- I love to educate my clients and help them on all levels to instill confidence and joy in their new journey.

Fun facts:

to find out everything from her funniest moment with a family to her spirit animal, plus her TOP THREE TIPS for new parents!

Here's just a few of the "Fun Facts" we discovered about !

What is your favorite food?

Dungeness crab

Do you have a favorite band?

Led Zeppelin


What is the funniest memory/moment with a family or baby?

When changing a diaper with the client and baby had projectile poop that shot across the room.

Where is your favorite place to travel/visit:

Do I have to choose 1?? Sweden, Italy, Croatia.

What would you say is your spirit animal?


What favorite tips can you share with new parents?

Trust your instincts!

Only swaddle at night not during the day, then baby will wake more to feed during the day and take longer stretches at night. You are also gently setting up a sleep routine than means bed time with out sleep training your baby.

What are the 3 top products from

The Pump Station you recommend to your families ?

So many!

I love the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, Nose Frida, Solly Wrap, Love to Dream swaddle.

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