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Hypnobirthing, a More Peaceful Birth Experience in Covid-19

Hypnobirthing, a More Peaceful Birth Experience in Covid-19
In these “uncertain times” there are so many unknowns, and for first time moms especially, birth can seem like just one more thing to fear. The mindset shift from one of fear of the unknown to an innate trust in your body’s ability to birth your baby is crucial when there is a limitation on the support mothers have access to during their labor. Through the use of breath and self-hypnosis, you will come to realize how powerful your mind truly is.

Calm… Gentle… Quiet…These are not words we often see accompanying descriptions of birth. But they can be! HypnoBirthing® is a method of childbirth education that reframes how we look at birth. Through use of language and affirmations that are focused on empowering the birthing mother to trust herself and her body, HypnoBirthing® endeavors to create a more peaceful birth experience. This is accomplished through teaching the mother visualization, self-hypnosis, and breathing techniques.

Hypnosis is a natural state that you go in and out of throughout the day, for example when you daydream or follow ingrained routines. You can learn to harness this practice and call upon it when needed to better enhance focus. Practicing HypnoBirthing® brings these meditative techniques and deep relaxation giving you something to center on as you move through labor.

In the time of Covid-19, you could not ask for a better approach to childbirth education. HypnoBirthing® not only teaches you about the different stages of labor and coping mechanisms found in traditional childbirth education, but empowers the mother to support herself, not relying solely on outside sources. Through HypnoBirthing® you will learn to tune in to your experience to achieve deeper communication with your body. Instead of trying to escape what you are feeling during labor, the key is to lean into the sensations and support them with intentional breathing. In this way, you work with your body rather than against it. Having these tools at your disposal will help you to direct your birthing experience in the way that feels right for you. This sense of direction will allow you to approach your birth with an air of self-confidence, surrender, and trust.

There are also practical benefits to these techniques through the impact they can have on a healthy delivery. By helping moms to maintain a level of comfort and composure as they labor, families may be able to spend more time laboring at home before needing to go to their birthing place.

HypnoBirthing® is also known to reduce fear and anxiety in moms, which can reduce the risk of unplanned cesarean sections by helping moms to move more swiftly through the stages of labor. However, this approach is valuable no matter what type of birth you have, vaginal or cesarean section, as you can use the relaxation and breathing techniques to support yourself physically and emotionally through any birth experience.

Having control over your inner mental state is deeply comforting, especially given the uncertainty that may accompany many other parts of your birth experience during this time. This sense of inner peace and certainty will allow you to return to the way birthing is meant to be. As you practice HypnoBirthing®, you’ll truly be able to say the affirmation, “I put all fear aside and welcome my baby with happiness and joy.”

By Ashley Chapin HBCE, MA Child Development, HypnoBirthing® Class Instructor