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Parenting 101: Separating Facts from Fiction.

Parenting 101: Separating Facts from Fiction.

We’ve been listening... 

We know there are a lot of questions you have as a new parent. There is also a LOT of information seemingly available on the internet. From Facebook Groups, to Instagram Influencers, to twitter hashtags and those annoying clickbait “news articles” - it seems the “parenting advice” train of wisdom is infinite!  And while we do believe all those resources have their purpose, (real moms sharing their “honest mom” moments have been life changing for women, and online support groups are vital to our sanity), it’s a lot to take in.

After serving up parenting education and hands-on support for over 33 years we have to be honest, A LOT of the parenting information being passed around, reposted, or “trending”, is simply not true, nor is it always presented in context. Sadly, much of it is inaccurate and even counterproductive. And, while we always encourage discussion, who hasn’t been the subject of a #Momshaming moment these days in comments threads or online groups? How do you determine which online resources you can trust? How much of what you read is opinion vs fact, paid endorsement vs truth? What if you have follow up questions? 

That’s where we come in. Stop with the MADNESS, we say! We will clearly separate for you fact from fiction and myth from truth. Sometimes it’s not simply a matter of learning “What to do”, but rather “How to do it” that can make all the difference in reaching your parenting goals or running into even more obstacles a little ways down the line. 

So with our Curriculum Director Dr. Jill Campbell, we've created a robust curriculum of Hot Topics Parenting Workshops. You can join any of these workshops and receive guidance on the issues that are most important to you. We've provided information regarding recommended age of baby when taking the class, but feel free to sign up for whatever workshop is calling your name, because we know that some topics are helpful at any developmental age/stage!

Sure we could just write a blog post about it but, let’s be real, a blog post is just the tip of the iceberg. In these workshops our credentialed experts present evidence-based information regarding specific topics, followed by an invaluable Q&A session. We promise, there are few things more rewarding as a parent than having the peace of mind, knowing you received the best, most accurate, up to date information available to incorporate into your parenting experience, from a resource you can trust.

Each workshop is virtual through Zoom and ranges from $30-40 p/couple. However, for a limited time, if you purchase ANY GEAR product through us, you will receive one workshop FREE!

FREE EDUCATION plus top of the line GEAR (did we mention free installation, curb side pick up, free shipping and/or delivery)! Sign me up!