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Fat Brain Toys - Pump Station Babies Top Picks!

Fat Brain Toys - Pump Station Babies Top Picks!

by Dr. Jill Campbell, PsyD, Parent & Me Curriculum Director

Babies learn through play.  In The Pump Station & Nurtury’s Parent & Me Program, babies have the opportunity to explore new toys during class.  One of my favorite brands of toys that we present in our classrooms is Fat Brain Toys.  Being a parent & me instructor, I get the joy of watching babies explore and discover through play.  Here are the “babies’ top picks” from Fat Brain Toys

#1 Klickity

* Five colorful spheres for baby to explore.

* Multi-functioning toy encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor development.

* Each sphere has a different function.  Baby can push, slide, spin and click.

* Enhances cause & effect learning.

* High quality design and materials

 #2 Oombe Cube Sorter

*Six textured shapes that never get lost because they are each attached by a strong yet soft and safe string.

* Made of high-quality silicone.

*Great for teething.

*Shape sorting promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and visual-spatial skills.

*Toy will grow with your baby’s development.

 #3 PipSquigz

*Three bright and interesting shapes that hold babies’ attention.

*Each shape rattles and shakes and will suction to any smooth surface or stick together. Makes a fun popping sound when released.

*Suction cups make this a great toy for the stroller or highchair.

*Made of high-quality silicone.

* Great for teething.

* Promotes auditory and tactile stimulation as well as grasping and reaching. 

#4 Tobbles Neo

*Six brightly dual-colored pieces are weighted for a unique stacking and balancing experience.

*Different sized pieces can stack, tilt, roll and spin.

*Promotes sequencing, balancing, hand-eye coordination and visual-spatial acuity.

*Fun for building up and toppling over!

* Great 1st birthday gift!