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Postpartum Doula Spotlight: Erin Diggs

Postpartum Doula Spotlight: Erin Diggs

Each month we are featuring one of our Postpartum Doulas in brand new Doula Spotlight series!!

This month we interviewed the wonderful Erin Diggs to find out everything from her funniest moment with a family to her spirit animal, plus her TOP THREE TIPS for new parents!

Erin Diggs is a birth and postpartum doula that came into this work after the birth of her now, three-year-old daughter. She was born and raised with her younger sister (and best friend) in San Francisco, CA. She lived in New York City for 10 years, and has called Los Angeles “home” since 2017. With a career background in non-profit organizations that specialized in women’s empowerment and human rights, Erin’s passion lies in providing her clients a safe and judgement-free space to transition and grow as a family. When she is not doula-ing, she can be found at farmer’s markets or food festivals with her partner and daughter, or strolling around her neighborhood of Koreatown with her two dogs.

Here's just a few of the "Fun Facts" we discovered about Erin!

What is your favorite food?

I am half-Chinese, and come from a proud immigrant family. Any kind of Cantonese food does the trick. If I had to say…Chinese sausage with white jasmine rice.

Do you have a favorite band?

I am a fan of songs, not necessarily artists. I love everything from classic rock to rap/hip-hop. A group that I currently love listening to is Pentatonix.

What is the funniest memory/moment with a family or baby?

I was working with a first-time mom and dad that were unsure of how much to supplement their newborn son (they were supplementing with formula because mom’s supply was very low) and they said he was inconsolable after every feed. I gave him a full bottle even though he had just nursed with mom, and when he finished, he was so milk-drunk that his body was floppy, his eyes were halfway closed, and his mouth was wide open—the three of us could not stop laughing at the sight of him!

Where is your favorite place to travel/visit:

Somewhere new and abroad.

What would you say is your spirit animal?

A sea turtle.

What is your favorite baby care product from The Pump Station?

I love a good wrap carrier. My favorite brand is Boba!

What are THREE TIPS you would share with new parents?

1. Inconsolable baby? Take 10 deep belly breaths. Babies use our physiology to regulate their own, so, if you start to panic at their cries (and your heart rate/blood pressure increases, your breathing becomes more rapid, etc.) their screaming will likely continue, or even worsen.
2. Wear. Your. Baby.
3. Keep doing it, as long as it works for you.

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