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Dawn's Delights!

Dawn's Delights!

Dawn’s Delights! 

I can’t share my love for The Pump Station & Nurtury enough! Not only has The Pump Station been my #1 go to for baby products and classes, but The Pump Station family has been such a source of support, knowledge and expertise during this first year of motherhood. I only wish I had discovered them early on in my pregnancy because they just make your life - both as an expectant mother and as a mama - not only easier…but, sweeter!! I could talk about them for days, but here are some of my favorites in honor of Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner.

  1. Edushape Mini Orchestra

Music has become not only a sensory source and playtime activity for us, but an essential way to communicate, engage and activate. We have been attending Music with Kira Classes through the Pump Station virtually for over a year now and they have been invaluable to us, introducing  Baby Waylon & I to new songs and activities that we carry over into our everyday life and routines. Now, we have our share of instruments at home – but I love this little mini orchestra set because it’s super easy to handle and hold for little hands.

  1. Happiest Baby SNOO & Sleep Sack for SNOO

 I cannot emphasize enough how integral the SNOO Smart Sleeper was for us in navigating our first year together. The SNOO is a responsive bassinet that mimics the womb and lulls your baby to sleep by responding to his cries. Even in times where we had to travel, the SNOO was an essential and the first thing I packed in the car. It is a MIRACLE of modern parenting products! And, the sleep sacks are - bar none - the easiest, most foolproof way to swaddle.

  1. JetKids By Stokke Travel Bundle Bedbox & Backpack

I remember first falling in love with the Stokke Bedbox - a ride-on, carry-on and sleep-on suitcase - when I was pregnant, dreaming of traveling with my baby. And, I’m even more in love with it now, as we actually plan more upcoming travel as the world opens up. Stokke has really pioneered the market when it comes to kid-friendly and kid-intuitive travel and I’m a fan!

  1. Baby Bjorn Carrier Free

As a working mom – and, as a mom who loves to cook, walk & travel with my baby – I love my Bjorn Free carrier to keep my baby close even when my hands are busy. And, the Free keeps both baby and mama cool and comfy, all while being easy to put on and take off – perfect for those hot summer months.

  1. Yogasleep Rohm® Portable Sound Machine

This little sound machine makes a big impact - helping to lull baby to sleep and block out extraneous noise. An essential when we travel, it’s super small and lightweight, making it a cinch to pack. I first heard about it in Corky’s Baby Care 101 Class at Pump Station. Speaking of which, one of my must-register-for items is actually not an item at all – it’s a class! In Baby Care 101 Class, you learn everything from proper nursing to proper bathing to proper gas relief for baby. It is a MUST!!! I actually took it after Waylon was born and I so wish I had taken it prior. It’s a gamechanger, and will really get you even more excited – and, more confident – about your upcoming delivery!

  1. Aden & Anais Bamboo Swaddles

Swaddle blankets are a must when you’re a new parent, and as your baby grows, they become the most memorable pieces to hold on to, so make sure they’re soft, comfortable …and, - let’s be honest – CUTE! Aden & Anais bamboo swaddles fit the bill on all three of those factors.

  1. Boobie Bars in Blueberry Muffin

I start almost every single morning with a Blueberry Muffin Boobie Bar and a hot latte made with collagen. It’s my morning me-time before our morning books. As a 17-month old baby boy with special needs, Waylon still breastfeeds and I am so thankful for this easy – and, delicious – bar that has helped me keep up my milk supply. Best of all, it also satisfies my sweet tooth with its serious gingerbread cookie taste! They’re SO addictive and not at all protein-bar like! I promise.

  1. Magnetic Me Modal Essential Footie

If you know Magnetic Me, you KNOW!! It’s the easiest, most effortless way to dress baby. Not only too precious for pictures, they’re also super silky and cozy, so you’ll want to snuggle on your baby even more than you already do!

  1. Mustela products

I’ve been in love with Mustela products since I saw them in Rachel Green’s nursery on Friends, and I’m a big Mustela devotee. The cleansing water is ideal for those first few weeks when you’re being careful of the belly button and not into full-on bath mode yet. It’s also great to keep on the changing table for quick “oopsy-poopsy” cleanups, as I call them.

  1. Beaba Babycook

What would I do without my Béaba Babycook? Well, I don’t want to find out. While it’s perfect for those potato and pea purees, I have a baby with a rather elevated taste palate so I kind of mix It up and do it Dawn-style. When I cook or order dinner for me, I just set aside a portion for Waylon to puree in the Béaba. As of now, he’s tried everything from homemade turkey stroganoff and non-spicy chili to Ruth’s Chris Steak House filet, Panda Express Beef & Broccoli and pad thai. It might feel like a splurge but it is a savior! My best advice? Think outside the basic baby-food box and tantalize your baby’s tastebuds!

  1. Legendairy Lactation Support Bundle

Another essential for nursing mamas, I may not understand exactly how it works, but all I know is it works! We endured a lot of medical challenges and life traumas over our first year, and these products helped me keep up my supply with little effort at all.

  1. Cybex Cloud Q Car Seat

We love our Cybex car seat! I think it’s one of the safest of the bunch and extra comfy for Baby Way on long drives, and pretty to look at in the backseat for Mama! But the biggest essential gift you can give yourself is proper cars eat installation. It is SO IMPORTANT to make sure your car seat is properly installed. It truly can save your baby’s life. With your purchase of any car seat, The Pump Station offers onsite proper car seat installation – plus education on how to install and place baby in safely – by baby tech expert, Adam Lari. Now, you can’t get that on Amazon!

These are just a few of my Pump Station loves, but the biggest gift Pump Station offers is that once you’re a client, you’re family. Always there to answer our myriad questions, I don’t know what we would have done without our Pump Station family.