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100 Silent Nights.. a Message from our friends at Harvest Homes

100 Silent Nights.. a Message from our friends at Harvest Homes

A special holiday message from our friends at Harvest Homes LA...

Dear Friends,

As we enter this holiday season, imagine a young woman, pregnant and alone, living in a tent near the Venice boardwalk. She is six months pregnant, lacking prenatal care, family support, and consistent income or food. Fear and anxiety are a part of her daily life. She fears for her own health and safety and worries about how she will care for her child-if she is able to maintain custody.

This is no way to welcome a baby into the world. But, sadly, this is a story we hear over and over again. Some of the details change-maybe she is a former foster youth, or she is living in a car or on a couch. But the basic story is the same: homeless or soon-to-be-homeless pregnant women who desperately want to nurture and provide for their children but lack the resources and support necessary to do so.

These women need a safe home, a supportive community, and resources to care for their babies, and that is what they find at Harvest Home. Harvest Home is much more than a shelter. Through case management, therapy, and educational programming homeless pregnant women are equipped and empowered to thrive as new mothers.

It costs Harvest Home $125 a night to provide all of these resources for one mom and her baby. And, with your support this holiday season we can raise $125,000 to fund over 3 months of housing and programming for all 10 moms and babies living at Harvest Home through the 100 Silent Nights campaign.

Will you join us in bringing peace and joy to homeless pregnant women this holiday season by participating in the 100 Silent Nights campaign?

Your donation of $125 sponsors one mom and her baby for one night and $250 provides two nights. Perhaps this year you can fund one night for all 10 moms living at Harvest Home for $1,250.

Whatever your ability to give, your gift brings peace and joy in this season and beyond-ultimately changing a family forever!

Join us in bringing 100 Silent Nights to homeless pregnant women this Christmas by making a tax-deductible donation online at

Thank you for partnering in our mission as we equip homeless pregnant women to become great mothers!

With joy and gratitude,

Sarah Wilson
Executive Director, Harvest Homes Los Angeles