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10 Reasons to Dive into Music Making with your Little One

10 Reasons to Dive into Music Making with your Little One

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Music making between a child and parent/ caregiver can have a host of benefits. Did you know?

  1. Singing engages the nervous system. In fact, hearing mama’s voice starts for baby at 18 weeks inside the womb!
  2. The developing brain is uniquely “lit up” in a brain scan when making music together. This TED Talk illustrates much of where music meets neuroscience!
  3. The interactivity of live music making readies the brain in “serve and return” interactions, which activates mirror neurons. Exchanging expressions, vocalizations, and songs shape and model brain connections.
  4. Interactive music play unlocks the emotional universe. It can be an intimate and a social activity. It builds family bonding and builds community in social settings.
  5. Co-regulation between humans and little humans is activated through interactive music making. Little one sees, hears, touches, and has a kinesthetic experience to grow on. The sounds of a human voice are like medicine to your little one.
  6. Music changes the environment in ways that can redirect behavior in positive directions. This can be helpful in times of transition throughout the day.
  7. Elongating the breath through singing (deep exhalation) activates automatic relaxation responses. Singing is a well-documented wellness activity for all ages.
  8. Core brain balancing movements integrated into music and movement - for example, crossing the midline - help baby/ little one strengthen these skills for a lifetime of foundational and progressive tasks.
  9. Music is its own unique, universal language. For babies and indeed at all stages of life, we sing when we cannot speak. In building speech and literacy, music patterns (assessing changes in pitch and timbre) connect with more formal literacy readiness decoding tasks as little ones begin to read. More
  10. Singing is FUN! You will be gobsmacked at the songs and music-making they will remember one day. If you need proof, think back to the very first music you remember, or how a memory is activated by music. Fun story - Adriana remembers looking at the ceiling and hearing Here Comes the Sun and The Boxer from the crib as people were socializing around her. This memory was later confirmed by the adults in her life.

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