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Milkscreen Alcohol Detection Strips 8pk

Milkscreen Alcohol Detection Strips 8pk

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Product Description


Who Says You Have To Give Up Your Favorite Cocktail Just Because You’re Breastfeeding? Not Us!
UpSpring Milkscreen Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk (8 test strips), the first and only test of its kind. The simple test is a fast, highly sensitive, non-invasive method to positively identify the presence of alcohol in breast milk. A simple 2 minute test will tell you if there is any alcohol detected in your milk. Simply discharge a small amount of breast milk directly onto the reactive pad of one strip and wait two minutes for your result. See Additional Info Tab for more.
  • Kit contains 8 test Strips
  • Home test to detect alcohol in breast milk
  • Easy to use with results in 2 minutes
  • Provides peace of mind so mom can breastfeed with confidence
  • Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant recommended

Additional Info

Additional Information

More Ready, Set, Test
You’ll need an accurate timer and a Milkscreen test strip. Simply express a few drops of breast milk onto the test strip or pour a small sample of milk into a clean container and dip the strip into the sample. If the test pad changes color at the two-minute mark exactly, alcohol is present. (Reading the test pad before or after the two-minute mark may cause an inaccurate reading.)

How Not To Mess Up The Test
Do not open the foil pouch until you’re ready to use the test strip. Do not cut or alter the test strip. Do not use if the test strip is torn or damaged. Doing any of these can damage the test pad and give you inaccurate results. (Also, you probably shouldn’t run with scissors, but this won’t affect your test results.)

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