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Our mission is to nurture, support and empower all new parents with compassionate service, quality information and outstanding products. We serve as a breastfeeding resource center that educates, guides and encourages parents as they learn to care for their baby. We also provide a caring and warm environment where new parents can bond with each other and their babies as they share experiences. We value our relationship with our clients and believe that supporting all new parents is a good investment in each other, in our community and in the future of our children and families.

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Mommy and Me Classes & Playgroups at The Pump Station & Nurtury™
Sleepy Planet's Sleep School

Jill Spivack, LCSW and Jennifer Waldburger, MSW
Co-Founders of Sleepy Planet

$145 per individual or $195 per couple

4 to 18 Months

Babies love to learn - and when it comes to sleep, most babies learn very quickly once they have the right tools and supports! In this workshop, we'll provide you with in-depth, personalized information about your child's age, developmental needs, and personality. Then, we'll help you create a customized, step-by-step plan for solving nap and nighttime sleep problems that incorporates your family's needs and preferences. We do not believe in letting a child "cry it out" alone - instead, we help parents find a middle ground between allowing their child to learn and offering love and support throughout the process. Our methods work well whether you are cosleeping or whether your child is sleeping independently. Let us help restore balance and harmony to your family!

Help Your Child Learn How to Sleep at Baby Sleep School by Jill and Jennifer
from Pump Station & Nurtury™ Blog (June 21, 2013)

Jill and Jennifer, who are both licensed clinical social workers and family therapists, co-founded Sleepy Planet after discovering that families everywhere were struggling with sleep. For the past 13 years, they have helped tens of thousands of families across the globe to teach their children how to sleep through the night and take great naps. Their bestselling, award-winning book and DVD, The Sleepeasy Solution, are now available in more than 15 countries. Jill and Jennifer have been featured on a wide variety of media, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the LA Times, Parents, and Parenting. They are also the content consultants on the upcoming TV show "The Pajanimals," a joint production with the Jim Henson Company and Comcast.

The Pump Station Santa Monica

Email sleepschool@sleepyplanet.com. Space limited to 15. Register Today!


Q: What if my child and I are cosleeping?

A: Whether to sleep with your child or have her sleep in her own space - crib or bed - is a very personal decision for each family. We fully support a family's decision to cosleep, and if you choose to do so we will be happy to help you design a sleep plan that allows you to continue cosleeping.

If you have been cosleeping and want to help your child transition to sleeping more independently, these details will be covered in the class as well.

Q: How long will it take for my child to sleep well?

A: That depends a lot on you! Consistency in following your plan is your number-one key factor for success. Most children are able to sleep well in 2 to 4 nights. For naps, the norm is 5 days, but it can occasionally take a bit longer - up to two weeks. With toddlers, or for children who are used to being held while they sleep, healthy sleep at night and during the day can take 7 to 10 days.

Q: Will I have to listen to my child cry?

A: If only we could wave a magic sleep wand and just make children go to sleep - poof - with no tears! Unfortunately, children do feel some frustration, and cry a bit, in the process of learning how to sleep, no matter what we do to help them. We do not believe in allowing your child to "cry it out" unassisted. Our goal with each family is to give you a leak-proof plan that will minimize the crying as much as possible and help the whole family sleep as quickly as you can. We always take great care to discuss in detail how you will support your child lovingly while she learns to sleep.

Q: Will our family receive personalized attention at Baby Sleep School?

A: Classes are kept intentionally small (15 people max) so that each family receives information that will best help their particular child - and our personalized guidance in helping you create a customized plan for your family. We will also allow plenty of time for individual questions and answers about your plan.

Q: If I attend Baby Sleep School, do I have to begin the plan right away?

A: No - sometimes families need to wait a little while before starting their plan, for instance if there is an upcoming trip. Your plan should continue to be the right plan for at least several weeks following class. If more than a month elapses, you are welcome to contact us for a re-assessment of your plan (additional follow-up fees may apply).

Q: Are follow-up services available if we would like personalized assistance while following the plan?

A: Yes - these services are available by phone or by email for an additional fee (details provided upon request). The vast majority of our families never need any follow-up services to successfully to begin sleeping through the night, as we will make sure your plan is tailored specifically for you and your child!

Q: Do you guarantee that Baby Sleep School will help our child sleep?

A: When families follow their sleep plan 100% consistently, children naturally fall into healthy sleep patterns in a very short time. In all the years we've been helping families sleep, and with all of the many thousands we have helped, we've never yet met a child who couldn't vastly improve his sleep habits!

Children with certain medical or developmental issues may not be good candidates for a sleep-learning program. Please contact us for more information if you have a child dealing with such issues.

Q: What if we would prefer a personalized consultation?

A: No problem! Just email us back and we'll be happy to schedule an appointment with you, either in our office or your home.

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