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Our mission is to nurture, support and empower all new parents with compassionate service, quality information and outstanding products. We serve as a breastfeeding resource center that educates, guides and encourages parents as they learn to care for their baby. We also provide a caring and warm environment where new parents can bond with each other and their babies as they share experiences. We value our relationship with our clients and believe that supporting all new parents is a good investment in each other, in our community and in the future of our children and families.

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Hot Topics at The Pump Station & Nurtury™
SignShine® and Connect with Your Baby

Etel Leit
Mara Bassani-Santamaria
Manette McDermotte
Anne-Michael Smith

0-13 months

Every parent wonders, "What is my baby trying to say?" Two years is an awfully long time to wait for the answer! What if your baby could tell you exactly what she's thinking? What if he could tell you that she's wet or hungry? Wouldn't it be wonderful to understand your baby's needs and for your baby to be understood? It's possible, today, right now, with SignShine®.

Are you ready to get started? On your marks, get set, sign! During this hour and a half workshop parents will get the complete low down: research, benefits, and answers to all your questions. You'll learn when and how to start communicating with your child via Sign Language and learn fun and functional signs. Not only will you walk away with useful handouts, but you'll also learn how to enrich your child's development of language, speech, vocabulary, and intelligence using American Sign Language (ASL). Practical signs, interactive games, songs, storytelling, music, movement and parenting skills.

SignShine®'s focus is to support the development of healthy young minds through play, music, and communication. SignShine® provides babies, children, parents, children with special needs and professionals with the skills to connect in meaningful and interactive ways. We specialize in using American Sign Language (ASL) for young children's language acquisition, early literacy skills, and brain development. The fun of SignShine® can be found in classes, seminars, outings, and other unique experiences.

Etel Leit, is an internationally recognized leader in the field of signing with babies and young children. Etel is the owner and founder of SignShine®, the largest parenting and signing center for hearing children in Southern California, and the publisher of BabySignShine.com, an internationally known signing and parenting resource for families, educators, therapists and new signing instructors all over the world. She counts many TV and film celebrities among her clients.

Etel teaches in the Masters Programs at University of Southern California. She also presents in national conferences on communication with children with autism and other developmental delays. She is fluent in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Sign Language and has served in the Israeli intelligence service

An expert in signing and parenting, Etel has contributed numerous articles on signing and parenting to print and online publications, has been widely profiled by the media and has been an invited guest on numerous television shows, including NBC Brian Williams Evening News, KTLA Morning Show, Fox 11 Morning Show among others.

Mara Bassani-Santamaria is an American Sign Language Interpreter and a SignShine® Baby Signing Instructor. After receiving a BA in Spanish, Mara continued her love for languages while merging her gift of movement. Years of teaching International Dance, Spanish, and Children's Drama, evolved into a new path; Mara began to study American Sign Language. She soon received her AA from an Interpreting Training Program and began her interpreting career. Now a Trilingual Interpreter and Class Coordinator for SignShine®, Mara found a beautiful balance of teaching and interpreting ~ both are facilitating communication between people through movement and expression. She truly encourages parents to start an entirely new connection with their babies through SignShine® Baby Signing.

Manette Jen McDermott has her BA in Child Psychology from Williams College and her MA and PhD in Linguistics from Brown University. Lead Instructor at SignShine®, Manette, loves teaching sign language to babies and their parents; she also teaches children with special needs. SignShine®'s focus is to support the development of healthy young minds through play, music, and communication. SignShine® provides babies, children, parents, children with special needs and professionals with the skills to connect in meaningful and interactive ways.

Anne-Michael Smith is a SignShine® Baby Signing Instructor. With a Bachelor degree in Special Education: Deaf Studies and a love of sign language she began working with SignShine®. She appreciates how SignShine® focuses on developing communication, the bond between parent and child, and brain development early in life. She enjoys journeying with her SignShine® parents and their babies as they grow and connect with each other!

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More Information:
website: www.signshine.com

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